The 10 Must-have Things For Every Kitchen In Home


Whether you are an amateur or professional chef, you will find that there are certain appliance that your kitchen cannot do without. These appliances greatly define the functionality of the kitchen and make everyday activity therein worth pursuing. Let us therefore look at the 10 must have things for every kitchen in a home.

#10. A wooden spoon
We are all familiar with the saying, ‘if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen’. Well, with a wooden spoon, you will definitely stay in the kitchen a little longer. Their inability to melt at high heat, as opposed to their plastic counterparts, makes them the perfect fit for all scooping and stirring needs.

#9. Locking tongs
A pair of locking tongs also finds itself in the list of the top 10 must-haves in every kitchen. They may not be frequently used in many homes but in professional kitchens, they serve a wide range of functions that include turning and tossing, stirring and flipping as well as plating and placing. Their patented mechanism that facilitates the opening and closing with one hand is an excellent added advantage to this tool.

#8. Chef knife
An ideal kitchen cannot indeed be worthy of the term if it lacks a proper chef knife. This is perhaps one of the kitchen appliances that come in many varieties. They may differ in size, shape and material but when it comes to choosing a perfect chef knife, always go for one that offers utility and durability in one package.

#7. Knife honer
One of the measures of a good chef knife is its durability and in order to make it last, a knife honer is of great necessity. The honer ensures that the edges are properly aligned and therefore protects the knife against damages that may have been caused to it due to irresponsible use such as cutting on glass, metal, porcelain or anything frozen solid. In order to maximize the efficiency of any kitchen knife, it is advisable that they be honed every time they are used.

#6. The Kitchen Scale
The main purpose of this tool is to provide measurement in the kitchen. It is an ideal tool for those who believe that things must be weighed as opposed to being measured by volume. It can therefore be used to define exact quantities when preparing food, which makes it of great benefit to people, especially those on a meal plan.

#5. The OCD chef cutting board
This refers to a cutting board with etched-in measurements that is designed to facilitate precision cutting. This cutting board is made of bamboo which is not only strong but also environmentally-friendly and has natural antibacterial properties.

#4. Air Deep fryer
A air deep fryer is, as the name suggests, used for deep frying in the kitchen. It has special features such as timers, automatic devices for raising or lowering the basket into the oil, ventilation systems to reduce frying odors among other measures that ensure you are not only safe from the spurting oil but the food is well-prepared as well.

#3. Instant read thermometer
This tool is used to read the internal thermometer of food. This measure is often necessary in determining the safety of food for consumption as well as knowing when food is ready.

#2. All-clad fry pan
This is yet another essential component of every kitchen. They are distinguished by great durability and their ability to distribute heat evenly. They also come in a variety of shapes including the gently-sloping sides and the straight-sided ones.

#1. Squeeze bottles
This tool is mainly used for dispensing fluid, and is powered by squeezing the container by way of exerting the pressure with one’s hands. Squeeze bottles are a great way of experimenting with textures, colors and dishes, until the correct balance is achieved.

Regardless of the kind of chef you are, you will find it more than just essential to have these kitchen appliances. This is due to the fact that a majority of them are designed with an extra touch of ingenuity to make your cooking fun as well. Looking for home appliance coupons on ebay, click here.

Top 20 Must have Home Appliances

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If you are to organize a list of equipment you could not live without, more so from the best, how long would it be and how will you go about it? Before you think of answering the question, you should imagine a usual day in your lifetime. Did you have to use an alarm clock to wake you up in morning? Did you use a shower or cleaned your teeth? Did you take a drink from the fridge? Has the heating or air conditioning turned on to keep you contentedly warm or cool? Such kind of question may assist one to come up with a list of appliances which will be listed below.

Home appliances are essentially electrical or mechanical machines which are used to undertake some household functions and activities, such as cooking or cleaning and others.

Home appliances may be categorized into three major categories which includes

Major appliances.

This is also recognized as white goods and comprises major household machines which include machine such as, air conditioners, dishwashers, clothes dryers.

Small appliances.

This is normally small household electricity using machines that are very portable and easy to install. Most of the appliances in this category are related to heating and cooling and include; fans and, and heaters such as space heaters, earthenware heaters, gas heaters, paraffin heaters, window-mounted air conditioners and others.

Consumer electronics are electronic appliances proposed for every day to day use, most frequently in entertaining, communications and office work production. In this category products, we have personal CPUs, telephones, watches and alarm clocks, acoustic equipment, TVs, calculators, GPS, cameras, and others.

The top twenty list of home appliances starting with the first on the list going down is as follows;

  1. Clock

This is an appliance used to measure duration (time, whether one fancy digital or analog, there is high possibility that a home must be having a clock. They are used in so many places ate home such as in the bedroom as alarms, in the living room and other places including family car. For that reason it made it top on the list.

  1. Refrigerator 

This is the appliance used to keep food and other perishable food fresh and safe for use. Without this appliance, many of the staples food we like for instance eggs, milk, cheese, meat, and butter would have to be purchased in small quantities or not at all.

  1. The washing machine

This appliance assists in the cleaning of laundry at home.

  1. Telephone

This is a device that allows communication movement, be it a phone that is fixed on the wall that is connected to you via a switchboard and a party line or a wireless device that uses satellite technology to connect one to the rest of the world

  1. Microwave

Microwave ovens use a magnetron tube that produces high energy short radio waves that disturb the water molecules in food, heating it faster and more uniformly.

  1. Recorded sound

This includes music produced by radio or mp3 players. Music openly speaks something deep in the human cognizance, and that’s why we tend to take our music with us wherever we are.

  1. Television 

This is an appliance used for entertainment and watching the news. It’s important and addictive appliance at home

  1. Air conditioning

This is an appliance used to control the temperature of the room hence the room becomes comfortable to stay in.

  1. Computer

This is a device that is used for many purposes including storage, processing, and storage of information. It is also used for entertainment.

  1. Water purifier

This is a device that removes filth and germs from water thus becoming safe to consume. Different purifiers use different processes of purification.

  1. Food Processor

An electronic appliance that is alike to a blender. It has multiple blades and attachments which enable it to do various functions such grate, shred, chop, and mince.

  1. Electric Kettle

This is an appliance used to boil water fast and safely.

  1. Dishwasher

Used for cleaning dishes and vessels at home.

  1. Electric Chimney 

Mainly used to eradicate the smoke in the kitchen that culminates while cooking.

  1. Iron box

This is an appliance used to press on clothes hence making them look decent.

  1. Humidifier

This is an appliance used to control the humidity of the room

  1. Garbage disposal unit

This is equipment that is used to put in waste from the kitchen and other areas in the house. Improves home cleanness.

  1. Vacuum cleaner

This is a device used to clean the house and remove particles from the floor

  1. Can and bottle opener

This is a simple but very useful appliance used for the opening of cans and beverage bottles.

  1. Air Deep Fryer

This is a simple yet effective appliance to have in your home. Since, most of are like to indulge in deep fried french fries, chicken, turkey and much more. Use best turkey fryer for the most delicious fried turkey breast recipe.

In brief, all appliances are important in the house. Some can be used for various purposes while others are just meant for a specific job. Good practice should be employed to ensure appliances last long and also to avoid injuries.

The 10 Major Mistakes While Buying Home


Buying a house is undoubtedly one of the most exciting endeavors in the life of a common man. So, usually they make sure to be careful while taking every step. However, at times they overlook some crucial things and end up with a raw deal. By learning a little about some blunders that home-buyers usually commit, you can actually make sure not to fall into any expensive trap while setting about to purchase a new home.

The following are the major 10 mistakes made while buying home:

  1. Not considering the additional expenses 

Every buyer should be prepared for additional expenses as they are likely to occur after you become a homeowner. You would have to pay for the insurance, property taxes, repairs and many other service fees. Not considering all these expenses would make it difficult for you to arrange finance for all these things after owning the house. Be prepared beforehand to avoid problems that may become a reason for stress and frustration later on.

  1. Impulse Buying 

Buying a pair of shoes on impulse is probably okay. Buying a new home on impulse definitely isn’t. So many people get swept up by their excitement when they first see a home they really like and end up buying it – on impulse. You need to set your emotions aside when making any investment and look at it from a practical and logical perspective.

  1. Not hiring professional services 

Home buying is a complex task. So, do not be indecisive when it comes to hiring professionals. Assistance of a real estate agent, banker, lawyer, property inspector or financial adviser, with an excellent referral basis, can be of immense help for you. Hiring a property agent who comprehends your financial limitations and requirements can play a pivotal role in helping you purchase your dream home with ease. Besides, a home inspector who can meticulously perform inspection of your new house and a lawyer who is highly knowledgeable about the real estate rules, regulations and laws are also important to be hired.

  1. Rushing a deal

One of the most common mistakes, hastily buying a home from the wrong person can ruin your life. If the seller is pushing you to close the deal too quickly, there may be something amiss. To protect yourself from shady sellers, hire a reputable realtor who can guide you through the process.

  1. Having no idea what you’re looking for

It is important to have a plan, and to know just exactly what you are looking to buy. If you have no idea what you want, you’ll probably end up buying something that you’ll eventually regret. Take the time to figure out what you want to purchase. Take into consideration your needs and financial capabilities. Writing out a specific plan will narrow down your options significantly, saving you valuable time and effort.

  1. Location 

No matter what property you buy, location is critically important. No matter how great the property, you need to look at the broader context to truly access its value. Proximity to schools, public transport and amenities are very important aspects that can affect the resale value of the property.

  1. Buying a great property in the middle of nowhere

Generally, it is wiser to purchase a property that is located in a great neighborhood, as opposed to a more impressive property in a horribly inaccessible location. Even if you work from home, or have a lifestyle that you think will negate any accessibility problems, bear in mind that property in a great location is likely to increase in value as time goes by, while property in a bad location will drop in value as the structure deteriorates.

  1. Not conducting sufficient research

Don’t take the seller’s word at face value; do your homework. Ask around the neighborhood, contact other realtors who may have encountered the property. If the seller discourages you from asking around about the property, that is obviously a huge red flag.

  1. Price 

No matter what you are buying there is one important thing that is always negotiable and that is the price. Sellers want to get as much as possible while buyers want to save as much as possible. It’s important that you always get an accurate evaluation of the value of the property in the current market and never pay more than that.

  1. Questionable legality

There have been actual instances of people being sold property by people who did not have a legal right to sell the property. Victims of these deals are left devastated, left without their money and without a house. Buying a property without checking whether or not the seller has the right to sell it is almost as reckless as buying a deed to the Brooklyn Bridge. If you have any concerns, it may be a good idea to consult your lawyer.


As all the mistakes outlined above are easily avoidable, make sure that you avoid them whenever you plan to buy a house. Purchasing a house is one of the biggest decisions of one’s life thus you just cannot afford to be careless. Don’t make these 10 mistakes while buying home. Be careful of any decision you make.