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"I rest my case."

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Dp amateur first time cuckold
Dp amateur first time cuckold
Dp amateur first time cuckold

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Kazrashakar 1 year ago
Dawinian is a pejorative used by creationists who are purposefully ignorant about science.
Dilrajas 1 year ago
I cite truth. "Poverty" is obviously a consequence of voluntary choices.
Maull 11 months ago
Human errors in translation and deliberate in some cases. ?? ?? ??
Kir 11 months ago
WTF are you even proposing you wager over? All you did was insult. You didn't even address the topic of the article.
Bagis 11 months ago
What does that mean?
Dum 11 months ago
Objective--or have you forgotten.
Goltikora 11 months ago
and yet 'science' still can't explain where life comes from.
Kazrar 10 months ago
I am just looking for consistency in your point of view. Thanks for the replies. O
Doum 10 months ago
A poster on another thread just told me that it?s god who decides skin colour.
Karamar 10 months ago
Thank you for the link.
Mikagul 10 months ago
In fairness, the "soy boys" taunt is nothing more than scientific illiteracy. Clinical evidence doesn't support soy isoflavone exposure as a cause of feminization in males.
Bragami 10 months ago
Let her down easy.
Mooguzragore 10 months ago
I know that about your posts before I even read them. There is no need to tell me.
Dojas 10 months ago
That's why I love to wash my hands in their tears :)
Netaur 10 months ago
I didn't and don't 'hate' Obama. I do not give him that power over my life. I do not like his politics. On a personal level we could probably be good friends - with an agree to disagree policy.
Tokora 9 months ago
This is one of the most obvious straw men that I've seen so far. You don't address anything I say with any substance, merely declaring "sorry that's not true". First off, yes, it is the case in Europe. I have read accounts from Muslims who left the faith, in a European context. There's a book I can recommend to you if you want, which addresses this topic. The man is literally ostracized from family and friends, as he feared throughout the process of leaving the faith.
Dolar 9 months ago
The term "phobic" is a neologism that distorts. But it is used by some people to try to shut down disagreement. I find that puerile.
Miktilar 9 months ago
Yeah, but "normal" will be a new normal and I'm not so sure the minions are going to care for it that much...even though they'll be better off. ;<)
Mikak 9 months ago
Again, when you post lies about science, you will be called on those lies.
Magul 9 months ago
No, It looks like you completely forgot about the other unseen dimensions of quantum physics. You need to think about your comments before you post them
Sakasa 9 months ago
to me this hardly sounds radical
JoJonos 8 months ago
All the other kidding aside, do you even think there was a "channel wars" or was it just in the heads of just a few individuals who were highly resentful of being banned at CA and never got over it?
Kigagore 8 months ago
Obama and Hillary told the Dems & media to blindly resist and that's what they've done, but like all advice from those two, it was worse than worthless.
Shalkree 8 months ago
No, I said it SEEMS like there's a God. Please put away that logical fallacy accusation and let those who can use it correctly handle it.
Doujas 8 months ago
By 2020 we will be in a depression so maybe people will change their minds then about Trump.
Vudok 8 months ago
What, the link wasn't enough?
Gojar 7 months ago
You need to focus on the good...even if its just the sunrise or hearing a bird singing in the trees. There is some small beautiful thing you can smile about.
Kazijas 7 months ago
That makes almost as much sense as God sending his son to Earth to only preach for a small part of his 30 some years here and then to only a few people. Then using a book and a bunch of murderous evil people to spread his "word". Taking thousands of years and still not completing it. Not very efficient for a god. Lame story that one can't take seriously.
Nikasa 7 months ago
I don't see how it can be avoided no matter which of those get in.
Voodootaxe 7 months ago
Perhaps you ought to rethink why you're here.
Tojajinn 7 months ago
Sour grapes? We won
Bralabar 6 months ago
LMFAO, wow are you just out there. I am done with you.
Arazragore 6 months ago
*Me driving to work this morning getting stuck behind a semi*
Zulugal 6 months ago
Here's a Trump hate map for your grubby little hands, lout.


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