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Female torture with urethra sounding

Female torture with urethra sounding
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Female torture with urethra sounding

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Tegar 1 year ago
Distance learning. ;)
Volrajas 1 year ago
Only had to look into trumpies eyes.
Kagacage 1 year ago
Its ok buddy, we are here for you as your struggled with your homosexual desires.
Zulurisar 1 year ago
We're actually the cause of his latest 'crusade,' because of little Justy's virtue signaling crusade.
Mezikora 1 year ago
Yes, two of the justices were cowards in that 7-2 decision.
Gardakinos 1 year ago
If a school allows extra curricular clubs at all a religious club HAS to be allowed.
Meztigis 1 year ago
Since the overwhelming majority of people apparently believe in an invisible supernatural being, I don?t think it needs counting. Prisons are populated mostly by religious criminals.
Malakree 1 year ago
Yep I hate them
JoJoshura 11 months ago
Well, as long as you're sure.
Kigaramar 11 months ago
Can I skip the pool and swim in a cup of coffee?
Doukus 11 months ago
"I don't believe Mrs. Trump has ever discussed her thoughts on anything with Mr. Giuliani," her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, told The New York Times. Reached by Business Insider, Grisham said she had nothing more to add.
Zulkill 11 months ago
So why are they heroes? God used their actions sure, but those soldiers were just doing their job
Kajihn 11 months ago
Please elaborate, I'm not sure I understand the point you are trying to make.
Yogar 10 months ago
"He threatened to hit the company with an unspecified tax if it attempted to sell motorcycles in the United States that were made outside the country."
Mokree 10 months ago
One would think that a professor would know how to write. For example, it should be "I am a white person" not "I am a white people".
Kazrasida 10 months ago
You are very weird.
Kamuro 10 months ago
That sounds kind of freeing.
Akinozil 10 months ago
I don't think the poster cares if they're fvcking
Gardamuro 10 months ago
Paul was a misogynist. But, in fairness, everyone was back then.
Mutilar 9 months ago
I'll bite. PP offers very important services that benefit society.
Meztisida 9 months ago
Oh no. I'm sorry you are dealing with all that. Need a drink?
Yozragore 9 months ago
Are you crazy?!
Moogunris 9 months ago
I get thirsty from time to time, dont get me wrong. I'm just too busy and tired to be bothered to act on it most the time lol.
Morisar 8 months ago
The band is good...
Kigacage 8 months ago
your welcome, if you need to cry, i am right here for you
Gokinos 8 months ago
Yeah, it has to be justification too. So true
Daizil 8 months ago
Your problem lies within your ignorance. There were highly probably many instances of biogenesis around the planet and each would have evolved differently according to their surroundings. That would have led to the variety of big differences between lifeforms. Over time each strayed from the mass and each would have evolved differently relative to others because environmental difference. As each species found each nook in environments, life evolves slowly fills all the nooks and each genetic change would therefore become smaller and smaller. It's a beautiful process that explains life a lot better than some fantastic being hocus-pocusing it all from nothing.
Grokree 8 months ago
You can't have nothing without something. Something was created because there was nothing.
Tojalmaran 8 months ago
3 rings is child's play... ????
Vorg 7 months ago
So much for common descent then huh...
Molabar 7 months ago
How about the nonsense of:
Meztira 7 months ago
If you meant Schrodinger's cat, you should have stated Schrodinger's cat. One way or the other, you failed to mention that Schrodinger undertook his experiment to illustrate the absurdity of the Copenhagen view of quantum mechanics--nothing supernatural about it,
Shaktirisar 7 months ago
Disciple of Odin?
Nilabar 7 months ago
should be easy enough for you to prove
Dukora 7 months ago
Bob and Weave.


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