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"Again, post the citations to the peer-reviewed scientific research published in scientific refereed journals that falsified ToE."

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Free vintage cookie jar advertising clipart
Free vintage cookie jar advertising clipart

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Fenriktilar 10 months ago
It was not a car accident, it was a terrorist attack by a member of the trump base!
Kajisho 10 months ago
and we all laughed at Mcguinty too
Kezil 10 months ago
Takes two to tango, don't it? Thanks for dancing with me.
Akinorr 9 months ago
Yep. But it is also convenient for you as in your instance he looks just like you.
Mezirg 9 months ago
I can tell most people didn't read your post and gave an answer solely on the heading. Great post!
Dourisar 9 months ago
" ... about the US policy on illegals where men get separated from their women and children and locked up in detention facilities ... " That is a true statement. Ask Pablo and Chaca Villavicencio about its veracity.
Dourisar 9 months ago
She didn't say people of the Asian race are racist among themselves.
Shaktibei 8 months ago
Lol, some animals are weirdly the opposite species.
Arashijas 8 months ago
"what's going to stop women from claiming rape more often?"
Nell 8 months ago
The rest of the society they live in, the experiences they have.
Garan 8 months ago
PP. what is the demonstrable and testable evidence for the ?supernatural events? as I am now almost. 70 I see that the supernatural events that were so complex a few thousand years ago are as rare as as perverted and irresponsible ghosts, Leprechauns and their Pots of Gold at the end of rainbows and Hospice and Palliative Care Centers for Ancient Barbaric Imaginary Playmates.
Nemi 8 months ago
I like watching you "make stuff up".
Shakree 7 months ago
LOL, still playing the prove it game. What a fucking morons. How do these people get so dumb?
Mooguramar 7 months ago
It is neither moral nor immoral. It's just a personal choice with no correct or incorrect answer.
Makus 7 months ago
i would but drinking and smoking pot might be bad for me
Zulkizshura 7 months ago
I am generally on the side of 'celebrity' in the eternal match of 'media demands celebrity grovel more, derides them for grovelling insufficiently'. Like, these are 2 private citizens, yeah? What business is it of anyone's if they've had a reconciliation or not? Where's the public interest in any of it?
Zulkiran 7 months ago
I wish I was !
Free vintage cookie jar advertising clipart


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