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"It appears the OP, along with a great number of others in the US do think disagreeing with SSM is bigoted."

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Interactive - Kristina Rose sucking cock on the couch

Interactive - Kristina Rose sucking cock on the couch

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Ottawa naked bike ride

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Taukazahn 10 months ago
"If a person force a woman to give birth to a child she doesn't want, denying her the right to an abortion. Haven't they violated a commandment? "
Kagataxe 9 months ago
Again, talk to older people. I have yet to see a single persin say, oh ya, it's much better now! lol
Gokazahn 9 months ago
Private enterprise will train the its workers as always. No need for more gubbermint programs.
Sam 9 months ago
The US needs to be sidelined from global summits until it comes to its senses and gets this world-wrecker outta office. It would be in the US?s best interests.
Tulabar 9 months ago
You do agree all of this could have been avoided ?
Doubei 9 months ago
Because they were gay.
Faetaur 9 months ago
No answer needed, your question is redundant.
JoJorg 8 months ago
Trusting people to not leave a mess or to clean up after themselves is just not going to happen. The rule is justified.
Dikus 8 months ago
She is a photographer, we hired her for something and she completely botched a few of the details, we emailed her asking her to make corrections...she had him call us back. LOL
Vocage 8 months ago
Speaking of, I need to buy a decoy owl to scare off some birds.
Kakazahn 7 months ago
Since I say that their conduct is not Christian and therefore demands more than their own testimony, who are you to argue?
Kazradal 7 months ago
I am questioning this part of your comment, it is your first sentence.
Mikajar 7 months ago
then they are worthy of my ridicule. To say that there is an all powerful god who must be obeyed and in the next breath say we choose not to obey these things is dumb. What good is an authority figure whose authority you can override whenever you want?
Ottawa naked bike ride


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