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"End it. Leopards don't change their spots."

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Copper mountain naked ski
Copper mountain naked ski
Copper mountain naked ski

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Taushicage 3 months ago
In my discussions. Go fetch
Mezitaxe 3 months ago
I feel like we have been waiting an inordinately long time for another season.
Daizahn 3 months ago
Really? So says someone who seems not to know the true history of their disgusting religion, that rose to power by not loving their neighbor, but by brutally slaughtering, butchering and persecuting their neighbors. Through wars, Crusades, Inquisitions and mass genocides.
Taukora 3 months ago
It's a very open OP and not bashing to discuss the difficult parts of the Bible.
Dirn 2 months ago
Reading it slower or getti g someone to explain it to you
Niktilar 2 months ago
That is all it deserves.
Mikajora 2 months ago
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Of course, I too wrote in my next to the last sentence, "May I suggest that all language is ultimately symbolic including that of science and religion?" However, I also quotations from Einstein and Russell M. Nelson on this topic. Further, within this stream I have shared a statement from scientist Francis Collins (another MD/ PhD like Nelson) who was the director of the
Faur 2 months ago
"there is no lobby for divorced and remarried acceptance. No one is pushing it in your face. No one is demanding 'rights' for the divorced."
Kazimuro 2 months ago
I mean either way she?s not comfortable enough with those rates to ask for them upfront then maybe she shouldn?t be charging them
Tuzilkree 1 month ago
You have cited the thousands of deities throughout history.
Kazijinn 1 month ago
No, I did not bring in intellugence.
Gardazil 1 month ago
Compared to someone without a child? Yea, obviously.
Mezile 1 month ago
None of it false. It simply puts the contradictions in plain view.
Vikinos 1 month ago
Found your last holiday pic.
Kagarisar 1 month ago
Same with my granddaughter. Lol
Tojat 1 month ago
Constantine legitimized his false "Christianity" by wholly importing the the ancient pagan Babylonian sun-god worship they already practiced into his false "Christianity" and giving the anti-God beliefs new "Christian" names.
Vobar 3 weeks ago
I always wanted to be a nice girl when I was younger. I knew I was a nice person/kind person...but I knew I was never a good girl. I tried though. Failed every time :/
Tojashakar 2 weeks ago
You caught my rollercoaster on a downhill day.
Dile 2 weeks ago
You believe his propaganda? Are you seriously that....???
Fenrizshura 2 weeks ago
If he liked the sound of it and decided to make use of it, that is his prerogative. Either way it is irrelevant because your tautology argument is bogus.
Togor 1 week ago
If they didn't have any proof of collusion which is how they got the warrants how is it they can have obstruction of something that never happened. They are going after him for perjury which is why they want him to talk to Mueller.
Akimuro 6 days ago
Hey Dufus! How much do you want to bet that his money came from Russians. I say it didn?t. Put what little money you get from Social Security where your mouth is.


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