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Daughter fucked by bbc to pay debt

Daughter fucked by bbc to pay debt
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"Woah! Even considering the darker corners of the Internet, this guy is very clearly off his meds or in desperate need of psychiatric intervention."

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Daughter fucked by bbc to pay debt
Daughter fucked by bbc to pay debt

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Nikobar 1 year ago
Obviously this racist was influenced by the Cult of Dotard Don.
Shakazilkree 1 year ago
NK Dossier ?
Balabar 11 months ago
I'd not say EVERY man is easy, but you can definitely make the broad assumption that if he's male, and you define 'easy' as 'down for sexy time', he's likely 'easy'.
Golar 11 months ago
Morals are entirely natural though.
Kigis 11 months ago
No, I am not making things up, but you keep going with that if it makes you feel better about yourself and let's you sleep better at night ok?
Vukazahn 11 months ago
That I did say and I accept responsibility for it.
Ferr 10 months ago
Which you are obviously worried enough about to inflate your own. Another double standard by Classical Liberal.
Tygojinn 10 months ago
Thats true, but they seem to pull it off a lot better than me.
Mugor 10 months ago
The Christians I know personally are not anything like this shop owner or the loud mouth Fundies and Evangelical nutjobs that get so much press. Based on conversations and what I have seen, the Christians I know don't think of gay people as being different and don't disapprove or discriminate. They have nothing against Muslims or members of any other faith. If they felt Christianity was under attack, they would likely say that the ones attacking it are the Fundies and Evangelical nutjobs who are giving all Christians a bad name.
Mekinos 10 months ago
Which school indoctrinates students to a sexual orientation? Is there a school that teaches that homosexuality is better than heterosexuality? Are you sure you know what indoctrination is? You're conflating the inoculation of specific religious dogmas to teachings that give people freedom to be what they are.
Daughter fucked by bbc to pay debt


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