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"Because God says the Bible is true (wait for it.... wait for it...)"

"I see you got the idea. That is where she met Danny, their teen aged son.

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Hot wet fuck trailer
Hot wet fuck trailer
Hot wet fuck trailer

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Nizshura 10 months ago
Kids can do their Jesus stuff on their own time.
Brabar 10 months ago
Too late. Dennis Rodman already has that. covered.
Arakazahn 9 months ago
Never mind, this appears to be over your head.
Tygokree 9 months ago
I just read the funnies. And sometimes the sports section.
Faugore 9 months ago
"Putting the blame on one man is subjective and unrealistic."
Bajind 9 months ago
You are doing a lot of goalpost shifting here, Tokyo. I was specifically discussing parsonage taxation rules. I am vehemently opposed to tax dollars going to religious schools. And you most certainly have NOT demonstrated your first point at all as the discussion was not about whether or not one group gets more money, but whether or not the law supports one group over another.
Mikaktilar 8 months ago
That's weird :/ I'd call them about it and talk to someone.
Nikot 8 months ago
Spirit cooking? Got to do something with all that lamb?s blood.
Fauramar 8 months ago
Which goes to show you can prove anything to a halfwit.
Groshura 8 months ago
Anonymous...? Is that a god?
Akimuro 8 months ago
Yes, but the immoral acts they do are the exception and not the rule. Self-governing without a moral compass is anarchy.
Tojabei 8 months ago
I think you overlooked the point of bivalence and the meaning of ipso facto. If you claim an assertion of something's existence is false, you have as a consequence of this claimed that the assertion of its non-existence is true.
Niktilar 7 months ago
Alright... let's assume that Humanism took off as a philosophy in Rome, and that's why there was no rise of Christianity.
Bagar 7 months ago
When I was first confronted with this problem my initial thought was that it can't be right to kill one to save the 5 but I couldn't defend it by logic. The third iteration gave me the justification. No court in the world would acquit the surgeon from charges of murder so neither should they in the first two cases which are essentially the same.
Vilrajas 7 months ago
What more can we expect from a city where BLMers, who do NOTHING for kids without fathers or who do NOTHING to help kids' programs but who do MARCH, DISRUPT MEETINGS AND CLOSE ROADS are the new "bosses". And whose co-founder prayed to Allah, documented in the Toronto Star, to help her not kill Whites. Several stats, never published, show 83% of crime in the GTA committed by one group. But they cannot be named. Rob Ford had nothing to do with them. So the only way to save the city is for residents to vote in the next municipal election AFTER they read all about some of the nutbars who have been living off the public dole for years.
Kigasida 7 months ago
Who's "whiny", exactly?
Negis 7 months ago
Hillary refused to answer in the primary when asked what the difference was between a socialist and a democrat.
Fenrishura 6 months ago
I would respond that the government is probably not the sole source of recompense for your hypothetical argument.
Karisar 6 months ago
No, God came to live in people, work through them. Love your enemies etc. Only possible by God. The 'old man' needed out.
Kigakus 6 months ago
You posed the question if there was any "moral designation" to our choices.
Zulkishura 6 months ago
So you want kids to be ignorant about the science of biology?
Kazralar 6 months ago
It's like a kid finally learning that they've been lied to about Santa and the Tooth Fairy this whole time. If they grew up as a religious person then anger is a common reaction when the belief first fades away. Part of it is anger at yourself for believing such nonsense and the other part is anger at those who took advantage of you, or at least that's how it seems.
JoJoshicage 6 months ago
I don't know about easy, perhaps experimental, for the lack of a better word.
Voodoogal 5 months ago
Evolution hasn't stopped. Who told you it had?
Vudojora 5 months ago
So you're saying the origin is irrelevant to the point being made?
Mazujora 5 months ago
This is the original treatise on it, published in 1801, quite a bit earlier than Burton Mack:
Daishicage 5 months ago
No! Where the hell did that come from? I'd rather chop it off than do such a thing mate!
Kagrel 4 months ago
I think you're talking about Professor Ian Stevenson? He's got published books from 1966-2000:
Tern 4 months ago
Ummm. Start with.... the universe
Gokora 4 months ago
I've been wanting to check that out. I love the instrumental versions of popular songs.
Migar 4 months ago
The Bible itself have lots of hints that it should be taken literal. Lots of Christians say it should be taken literal.
Zulkirg 3 months ago
You can compare race. You failed to explain how. Both race and sexuality are innate and unchosen. Both are protected classes in legal cases. Both have been subjects of deep bigotry.
Maunris 3 months ago
I give up. Someone else want to explain this to him?
Hot wet fuck trailer


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