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Son feels up mom

Son feels up mom
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"No, the baker will be shown to have violated both State and Federal Non-Discrimination Law regarding a *public* business offering goods and services to the *public*. Read the CRA of 1964 to get familiar with how we already learned that discrimination against Americans based on WHO THEY ARE is illegal."

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Terry, the middle-aged foreman, who always seemed to be dragging a hacking smoker's cough around with him, was in a thunderous mood. Again.

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Son feels up mom
Son feels up mom

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Malakazahn 11 months ago
My religion decided for me LOL. My point is not everyone is religious
Vilmaran 11 months ago
not being white
Mezisho 11 months ago
Sorry bud, but we grew up and quit believing in magic decades ago. YOU? Not so much. Since God is not a space fairy, that is an irrelevant argument; as well as the fact that God created Science, and The Bible and Science do NOT disagree. YOUR bait and switch tactics and your false Science disagree with God, that is true.
Nikogar 11 months ago
I am hiding under the bed but must soon come out and face the day. My hope is that people like Fedeli, Elliot, Mulroney, etc will bring some sanity; my fear that he will be just like Trump.
Digul 11 months ago
They may have been watching, but this raid gave them their first access to the documents they would need in order to prosecute the company.
Daibei 11 months ago
Ah jeez. Now we?re not talking about poverty. You?re off into the weeds about politics. K see ya.
Yozshurn 10 months ago
I?m not very liberal, but am grounded in reality.
Meztikus 10 months ago
Then pick one... or quickly realize that I'm screwing with you. Again... you make it so darn easy!
Kik 10 months ago
In the past I've tried to do a bible study with our resident JW, gungun. That was... an interesting experience to say the least. He was extremely uninterested in actually answering any of my questions, and had a very single-track-mind. He would get real persnickety if I tried to deviate in any way from his script.
Gomuro 10 months ago
This is still the best wedding invitation I've ever seen..
Negor 10 months ago
"Turn the other cheek" was misconstrued by liberal commie baby-eating atheists to mean "be a pacifist" when clearly He meant, "turn so you are better balanced when you beat the living crap out of them".
Guzshura 9 months ago
I would also like to see income level and quality of life for the area. Many low income and naive will look at pregnancy as an escape. Education will not change that.
Tugrel 9 months ago
I think she is buried here. She probably doesn't leave Oklahoma very often for that reason. She died during plastic surgery he paid for.
Tygojin 9 months ago
Progressives rely on low-information voters to keep them in power.
Dajar 9 months ago
Was that an argument?
Mikajin 9 months ago
Would you like to be persecuted?
Mokora 8 months ago
My son has a limit of 1 extra-curricular activity at a time. Anymore than that I feel becomes difficult to work around both our schedules, and also it makes it hard for him to put 100% into anything when he's involved in 6 different things. Plus kids need unstructured time when they are young. Structure and discipline is good as kids enter their teen years and need to be prepared to enter adulthood, but when they are 10 or younger, i feel they still need more unstructured time than structured to explore the physical world around them through play.
Memi 8 months ago
I'm not bitter about the stories at all, although I am suspect of the timing. What I'm bitter about is the hypocrisy. We've seen over the past couple of weeks several NDP candidates called out for various things from hating cops to telling us that something as important as Remembrance Day is tantamount to mass brainwashing. Those kind of things resonate with people who support our police and military personnel, as does the flippant way Horwath dismissed the importance of the allegations. She demanded that Brown be immediately dismissed for something he was accused of but not tried or convicted of, and now she's done the same thing with the TPS officer / PC candidate who is suddenly accused of sending threatening emails. Do you not see how such hypocrisy would ruffle some feathers, even if you are unfazed?
Kazirisar 8 months ago
Bakers have a business license.
Kagara 8 months ago
I hate to be the one to break it to you but the "Harry Potter" series is just well written Gryffindor propaganda. You really can't consider it an accurate account, and you should do some more reading on the subject.
Juzilkree 7 months ago
i meant the scalp wound! id take the scalp wound! whatt am i saying..
Shaktikora 7 months ago
Mid 40s or so, being a preteen and all
Dushura 7 months ago
No mvp for him!
Kajind 7 months ago
no way...the world needs more dumpster fire threads bc we're bored and we demand blood!
Akinolrajas 7 months ago
What was it again?
Moshura 6 months ago
Ok, so 5,0001 different belief systems, and yours is the right one?
Yoll 6 months ago
As I said, your religions are all laughable. Now you have to refer to me what? Some other non sense to PROVE your NON SENSE is real? You people are always desperately trying to validate your religion. Face it Bubba, they have taken your mind and your money and laughed all the way to the bank.
JoJodal 6 months ago
Wish I could purchase a machine gun. a big pink one
Mashura 6 months ago
Not even close.
Dukora 5 months ago
all they need is a big air cannon and a parachute....
Samumuro 5 months ago
I hate being barefoot. Not even in the house. Must have at least socks on. Also don't like lights on anywhere near me when I go to bed.
Moshakar 5 months ago
Quantum physics is certainly not a proof of theistic views.
Daizshura 5 months ago
This seems to make sense. A customer could ask the baker to write all kinds of things on the cake. The baker should have the right to write only things that he is comfortable writing.


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