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Ass is ass dont be

Ass is ass dont be
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From: Nikosida
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Added:1 year ago
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"stick with what you think and see what happens in the end.."

A Performer wearing obscene amounts of makeup. there's nothing I could offer about the shit stains on your backside.

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Maybe it's one of those abandoned neighborhoods. Her snake like tongue wrapped itself around my stalk and the split end masturbating the now hugely swollen mushroom head of my glans. I couldn't put blame. All she could imagine now was a clock face, the hands steadily ticking away the last few seconds she would ever have to put up with this vicious monster's cock inside her.

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Ass is ass dont be
Ass is ass dont be

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Kebar 11 months ago
A few minor corrections, OP:
Tojazuru 11 months ago
How do you categorize people who display those same fruits, yet are not Christian?
Yozshuran 11 months ago
Do you condone her treatment at the restaurant?
JoJorr 11 months ago
OMG! I was so concerned about the dog too. Like omg why does he have to be apart of your bullshit John! But I will see it anyway because I love Keanu. And now even more since Halle is in it and she very rarely gets a decent film these days to showcase her talent.
Maujind 11 months ago
He?s your service parrot!
Bajora 10 months ago
Dang words and their stupid slippy meanings.
Dogul 10 months ago
You have not read
Tole 10 months ago
Nope. I am already living this sh^t for 18 years now. In my hometown they look and experience this sh^t every day. So it is not made up as I go. I just give you my Life as I am living it.
Tojazil 10 months ago
In the case of the cake, the seller knows what he is participating in, versus selling a gun. That gun may be used for self-defense, hunting rabbits, etc.
Faetaxe 10 months ago
There was an abortion topic recently that went pretty well, and not just in the "It was a success because nobody burnt down the internet" way, but an actual exchange of ideas. It's nice to have controversial topics brought up in a way where both/all sides can chime up... and, so long as it's not commented on in a passive-aggressivey manner, ideas can be bandied about!-agreed
Tauzshura 9 months ago
You might want to look into ways of reading that are not literal, and think about how Jesus loved parables. Fundamentalism is a stage, alright, but one you might need to outgrow before too long.
Ass is ass dont be


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