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"Your cheerleading is pathetic."

"You are now fully harpie. We had breakfast, and set out to do our daily chores.

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Cute japanese girl playing
Cute japanese girl playing
Cute japanese girl playing

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Dagis 1 year ago
Apparently, you are...
Moogum 11 months ago
You are doing a lot of goalpost shifting here, Tokyo. I was specifically discussing parsonage taxation rules. I am vehemently opposed to tax dollars going to religious schools. And you most certainly have NOT demonstrated your first point at all as the discussion was not about whether or not one group gets more money, but whether or not the law supports one group over another.
Mikinos 11 months ago
The point is that that 95 million has gone UP since.
Taukasa 11 months ago
Hi Mater..long time no talk...how you holding up?
Tajas 11 months ago
Using his sharp incisors, the Bunny strikes...few can survive such an onslaught.
Akitilar 10 months ago
Hey not so fast, there.
Daidal 10 months ago
No worries. I'm just old and paranoid.
Kigarn 10 months ago
Hey... if you're the kind who thinks treason should go unpunished; that's on you.
Voodoogal 10 months ago
So Obama didn't enter office on 1-20-2009, so when did he enter office?
Mara 10 months ago
Looks interesting. Thx!
Bakazahn 10 months ago
US polls are considered accurate for the nation even under 1000 polled. I once actually knew the statistics as to why they were so accurate and I am sure I can do the math again if I had to.
Kajizshura 10 months ago
What's the religious premise?
Daikinos 10 months ago
sew buttons is deflection in your book?
Shami 9 months ago
just linked to IT^^
Gardazilkree 9 months ago
So uhhhh... this SCOTUS ruling is a little troubling on that baker guy
Shakazragore 9 months ago
They're both strict, but why don't you tell me since it's your point you're trying to make Are you trying to say NYC police is doing such a great job and considering they have tough gun restrictions, they're crime rate is somewhat decent? I don't deny that, but that's NY police and it's still not as good as Conservative areas that have lax gun laws. And just for the sake of argument, i'll give you NYC, now spend another 2 hours to find another one. LOL. Yet, I can name you ten horrible cities with strict gun laws.
Tauzil 9 months ago
And now I have agreed with what he meant while answering the question.
Faetaur 8 months ago
Wearing proper shoes? I don't want to carry you unless it's necessary.
Bralkis 8 months ago
If Rob is in heaven, Christian standards are far more lax than advertised
Mom 8 months ago
Really? I wasn't aware that was war was about. I'd thought it was about rape. No one -if you'd read- denied war was about killing. The whole start of Roam's comment was about media and reduced rape she felt was due to it.
Vinos 8 months ago
She was no angel, but it wasn't the crime, but the sentence that was problematic.
Cute japanese girl playing


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