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"God invented the human brain. God invented science. God (evolution) put the virus out there, and God put the cure out there, to be discovered (by science)."

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Girl fucks dog stories
Girl fucks dog stories
Girl fucks dog stories

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Votilar 10 months ago
Lefties are sinister. . .in so many ways.
Kazrasho 10 months ago
Being attracted to someone is not a sin. The sin depends on how one responds to their attractions...
Fezahn 10 months ago
Why did the Christians do it?
Dikus 9 months ago
Learn tbe facts. Everytime someone brings up Walkerton and blames Mike Harris they just look stupid.
Makus 9 months ago
take a deep breath, that is breath in U. When you can breathe no more that is death. then your soul shall meet yur maker!!!
Zologrel 9 months ago
Ruben...test it against history...many accounts. Practically empirical evidence. You are testing a single source God. Test, retest with multiple even secular accounts. its enough
Akinozahn 9 months ago
Not if the text was directed by the Holy Spirit
Zolora 9 months ago
Yep agreed they all tell it to Howard
Shagis 9 months ago
It will be nice to not hear everyone crying into their beer any more. Not until
Arashizil 9 months ago
I just had to print that out and post it on my wall here. Thanks for this! LOL
Zulkishakar 9 months ago
And on a side note, my world view doesn?t condemn the majority of the planet to an eternity in hell... you worship a evil being.
Moogulrajas 8 months ago
They really didn't. The ruling said only that Colorado did not adjudicate the case fairly, based on remarks made during the proceedings. They made no ruling about the state law Phillips broke, or whether he broke it.
Maugor 8 months ago
In other news...
Taugis 8 months ago
I do not subscribe to the concept of sin so no worries.
Faegar 8 months ago
They rejected Theomatr in favor of theotokos, Rejected Mother of God in favor of Carrier of God, as Theomatr was suggestive of being equal with God. The natural assumption of the connection between Father and Mother.
Nalmaran 8 months ago
Here's a page from a Green Book, showing black people establishments that would serve them. It is the equivalent of looking up a store on Google that will serve you as a gay person.
Dilrajas 8 months ago
Your original comment:
Akinolabar 8 months ago
I have seen this illusion plausibly explained. All illusion is and can be explained for whatever physical contraptions are used to portray the hoax. This is not so with magic. Magic is paranormal; illusory is not. The error many people make in their understanding about them is that they think the two are one in the same thing, but they aren?t. They are a world apart from one another.
Faushicage 7 months ago
" Epigenetic information is not permanent."
Maulrajas 7 months ago
You stated "Well we certainly do not follow the ignorant philosophies of the Reich-Wing religious right"
Goltilabar 7 months ago
Not worried with finding out what is real Jesus or Christianity- I finally threw in the towel....
Taunris 7 months ago
Omda. I am sure that god does not actually exist other than in over burdened imaginations or in wholly scriptures because of three things.
Tojami 7 months ago
I like those days when your 17 ?? your spunky
Manris 7 months ago
That sounds like the republican platform
Mejind 6 months ago
The god of gSkeptic is the Dragon, the devil.
Merisar 6 months ago
What prompted your false conclusion beyond hatred of Jews? Evidence.
Gardak 6 months ago
The marketing arm of the gun industry came up with 'pink' guns. Like the Virginia Slims of the cigarette industry.
Minos 6 months ago
Are they still eating out...never mind.
Fenriran 6 months ago
"The NRA doesn't encourage gun use." Oh, that's a new one. They just have a multimillion dollar national campaign to promote youth shooting clubs across the country in hopes those kids will be buying large quantities of guns.
Shataxe 5 months ago
"The GDP growth has been very strong considering that the fed is raising rates and doing everything it can to PREVENT a strong growth."
Vudozshura 5 months ago
Thanks for demonstrating my point, above. You don't like debate.
Gor 5 months ago
LMFAO sure, you keep telling yourself that. LMFAO.
Zulukinos 5 months ago
All true, And I have personally pushed the idea about the time and effort requirements of democratic citizenship repeatedly on TAD, so I'm gratified to see that point made by someone else.
Tular 5 months ago
Should consenting adults decide to, say, sacrifice a child - would you respect that?
Tom 5 months ago
Is this you accepting you've been caught lying and changing tact?


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