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"Spare us the philosophy!"

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Hardest fuck ever video

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Zulkisho 10 months ago
I could have sworn it was sexy librarians and Monster energy drinks.
Nikora 10 months ago
And my original point, was and is, that there is not one cable media outlet, FOX included, that does not Make Up their own "stories" for their own Click Bait....Tune In For More "What If" Tonight at 11.
Akinolrajas 10 months ago
Your question is not a "straightforward and perfectly legitimate question" it is a devious ruse, and as I pointed out a conflation of two worldviews.
Taubei 10 months ago
This morning I predicted he'd be in trouble in 3 months anyway! Now I feel like a genius!
Vikus 9 months ago
Yes, but it was pre constitution and the Constitution very clearly left such references out. And 'all the thinkers', you mean Jefferson? He was the sole author of the DofI and was not a Christian.
Nikazahn 9 months ago
Yes, talking about the Silverberg book made me want to reread it. Thanks for the Asimov mention - those are some of the classics I missed along the way, so I'll give them a try.
Tagar 9 months ago
I must admit that I see religion as being a formal matter; church, synagogue, mosque, temple. Not having been part of it for 75 years I really don't relate.
Yozshugor 9 months ago
No speculation the medical report done by his Dr. An I know how you remove bone spurs surgey is required.
Tagar 9 months ago
Can relate to that fantasy.
Guhn 8 months ago
Just as the rest in Ho-Wood. They all jump on the #METOO movement without realizing the players they have on their own team, like the Clinton's of all people and Ellen Degeneres that practically at parties throws her pussy at people and looks down women's shirts.
Mazujar 8 months ago
Here's an excerpt from one fragment:
Akizilkree 8 months ago
What's next is: Enforce the Law!
Brakus 8 months ago
The server did have security and there was no evidence of hacking. Government emails and servers get hacked at a higher rate, including the Pentagon. It's stupid to put your money in a mattress instead of a bank. But, people will rob a bank. No one goes around cutting up mattresses.
Taubar 8 months ago
It really is tough. In this we agree.
Vudogal 7 months ago
I have worked with financial systems for over thirty years of my life. I'm well beyond the basics. I'm also well beyond the sophistry of calling one cake a contract for artistic work and another cake a sale.
Vigar 7 months ago
What worldview and socio political phenomena?
Vudokora 7 months ago
I'm all for investing in franchise tattoo removal parlors.
Gakora 7 months ago
Ah, no worries... I really can be offensive sometimes, and I totally understand XD
Kira 6 months ago
Yep. There are claims anyway.
Kilkis 6 months ago
well original sin is stupid but that's for another day.
Fausida 6 months ago
Most of the welfare dependency comes from the 70,000+ factories in red states that moved to Mexico or overseas in the 1990?s-2000?s and those laid off workers never found gainful employment after that which welfare assistance made up for difference. Some of those people collected fraudulent disability claims in spiteful retaliation. It?s been red state doom and gloom ever since.
Taujora 6 months ago
How are you doing? Asking for a hypothetical friend.
Nele 6 months ago
Newton was far from a typical Christian at the time. He didn't believe in the Trinity and thought worshiping Christ as God was idolatry.
Dulkis 5 months ago
Stand you ground. You guys are done.
Digar 5 months ago
That bed can't be good for her lower lumbar.
Dairn 5 months ago
Sorry. I had just got caught up in reading some 'end times'er stuff, about prophecies and all. Musta let it go to my head, LOL.
Vozil 5 months ago
Thanks for this, Kitti. It almost gets here, but not quite. The earlier gospels say Mary was pregnant, not that she was a virgin - that was added later. There are a few reasons she could not have been stoned to death.
Gugore 5 months ago
No problem. We are enjoying Family. That was what He died for. One Big Happy Family. Sometimes we miss this and just debate for the sake of debating. But then we miss Family Life. And when we have Family Life we have everything.
Yoshakar 5 months ago
I don't have to. That's the entire point. Medical science is not dictated by God, and neither is the law of the land. Wave your bible all you like; you're entitled to your opinion and your religion. You're not entitled to force them on anyone else.
Hardest fuck ever video


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