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How to measure body fat at home

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"That was addressed in the link. Most schools of Sunni Jurisprudence don't take that view."

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Well, to me, it's both.

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How to measure body fat at home

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Net 1 year ago
That's a good message, if you don't actually care what's true.
Fenrijind 1 year ago
The point is "who are you to argue?" Which is what you just posted. Can you please just follow along?
Nikolmaran 1 year ago
Good morning all you credit hunting and using stinkers and Stinkerettes! It is a beautiful cloudy day and the sunshine will happen eventually. I just know it. the coffee is on and the library will open at noon. overdue books are $0.05 a day.
Maurg 11 months ago
Hiya hard place. Meet rock..
Vudojinn 11 months ago
I'd say you are in your rights to tel him you are leaving. But if you want to try and salvage this, its going to take a lot. and that its going to take a major change on his part. An emotional affair is the same as cheating in my book. He's lost any expectation of trust, and it will take years before he should expect to get it back.
Kelkree 11 months ago
The Revelations, which is total knowledge of Spiritual realities, of the LOGOS (unalterable blueprint of the plan of salvation), of who GOD is, who the Son of GOD is, HIS Most Holy Character, and how HE operates, who the Son of Man is, what the kingdom of heaven is, is what gives a person the Celestial mindset, the Spiritual mindset.
Tojashakar 11 months ago
I think there is something in the Bible about love...but since this person is a sinner, I guess that doesn't apply...
Bashicage 11 months ago
I just want to reiterate
Voodoojinn 10 months ago
Sure the "beast" is ruling in the world. But Jesus is Returning already in correcting the Life as His Children. Many has met Him as the Lam restoring Family Life. And now they are going to be even more empowered in meeting Him as the Lion. In this Power they are going to restore Family right over the earth.
Nishura 10 months ago
You didn't read the guidelines. I closed your discussion. Doesn't mean I had something to tell you.
Yoshakar 10 months ago
Did not know you are omnipotent! What is it like?
How to measure body fat at home


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