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"They keep banning you because you keep derailing existing threads with your own issues. Go to the Religion Channel page and start your own thread. It's not difficult."

" he said pulling a key from the wall of 50 keys, "That will be 25 sez. The greesy black hair covered head kept going forward.

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I got back in bed next to Fiona and smiled to myself thinking how lucky he was not to come back any earlier. It was good to feel this way stratuus and she resolved to continue feeding it and not let it die again.

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Trish stratus sex patricia
Trish stratus sex patricia
Trish stratus sex patricia

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Kazisar 1 year ago
Magic is the only argument Ruben has. If he drops Magic he has no arguments left
Mujar 11 months ago
"... like all of God?s creation,..." - Have you listened to yourself?
Gardakus 11 months ago
I do want a discussion. I presented my view, cogently and succinctly.
Kazirg 11 months ago
Lmao wait what. Why are people talking about children?s fables? O wait is it the boy who cried wolf...
Faugami 11 months ago
The 14th amendment extends the scope of the Bill of Rights beyond the federal government.
Taugis 11 months ago
I hope you have seen an MD to rule out/address any organic issues that maybe impacting your well being. You are worth taking the best care of yourself.
Taucage 11 months ago
Over and over we see fundamentalist forced birthers claim abortion is murder. Seems like you answered your own question. Again, get your god to knock it off, then we'll talk.
Faekasa 10 months ago
Can another atheist find disagreement with anything Ron has typed here? Please explain how your views are different.
Gardadal 10 months ago
TDS. Trump Disorder Syndrome: Whining because you lost. Putting up the worse candidate to ever run in American politics proves that a Hillary voter is mentally unfit to be an American.
Shakalkis 10 months ago
Meh. It was a hell of a rooftop party.
Shaktizshura 10 months ago
Got a foot doctor appt at 3:00 so I'm running out of time. Hope you are doing well too, Fred. :)
Meztitaur 10 months ago
I did not claim that
Gugul 10 months ago
Genesis is however wrong. The universe had been around a long, long, long time before earth. No matter how you try and twist it, it is incorrect.
Fejin 10 months ago
The question gets all wrapped up with the idea of sex being a sin. Another idea that comes out of the mixture of Hellenic and Semitic thought that marks Hellenistic civilization.
Kilrajas 10 months ago
Islamic terrorists and atheists are the greatest threats facing the world? Not firearms generally, which facilitate the deaths of tens of thousands of people yearly, in the hands of religious and nonreligious alike? Or poverty, which kills tens of millions? Or climate change, which might kill us all?
Tell 9 months ago
See the magnificent rainbow.
Arashinris 9 months ago
I think that one "Gracie Lou Freebush" should be "Gracie Lou Freebush's cat". I wonder what kind of topics Gracie's cat would start. "My Hair Balls are HUGE. Lets Smash."
Vizilkree 9 months ago
The US' crime rate is
Nikora 9 months ago
Doubtful, they can't do that now .
Vit 9 months ago
It's their jam.
Douhn 9 months ago
You see millions of Jews, or millions of Israelis?
Yozuru 8 months ago
....? not trying to be a dck. But that's exactly what JJ was referring to...
Bagami 8 months ago
Worshipping a statue of a dead woman who was barely mentioned in the Bible is ridiculous. It has nothing to do with Christianity. A typical form of the Latin paganism.
Yozshushicage 8 months ago
By what method was the age estimated, AC? Many methods are known not to produce accurate age determinations when applied to certain types of samples. For example, radioisochron dating may not reliably be used to date samples containing xenoliths, and carbon dating may not be reliably be used to date some samples taken from marine or freshwater environments because of something known as a reservoir effect (the C14/C12 ration in liquid environments can be very different that that in the atmosphere, such that organisms that fix carbon primarily from reservoirs other than the atmosphere may date far older than their actual age (shellfish and samples from marine mammals like seals and whales for example are not appropriate subjects for carbon dating because this reservoir effect is known to produce artifactually large values.)
Tucage 8 months ago
I'm a senior Black man.
Nikinos 8 months ago
Homophobia was coined by a psychotherapist in 1979. It has been used in medical textbooks since 1972.
Trish stratus sex patricia


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