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"I'm open to discussing this too. The argument I give non believers is the same I give to YEC's."

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European Peepshow Loops 397 1970s - Scene 1

European Peepshow Loops 397 1970s - Scene 1

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0 search nylon guitar samples

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Vuzuru 7 months ago
Red herrings.. Is that all you know? You made a claim, you back it up. If you can't, admit it.
Misida 7 months ago
I'm torn as I prefer to believe in the pre-Civil War version of America where states had rights... but Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence." actually probably applies here.
Faunris 7 months ago
Nice to know they aren't spying on their commenters.
Mezishicage 7 months ago
my testimony !!! Jesus is risen from the dead, and judged my my own encounter with him as it is written in the book!!
Mogul 6 months ago
This is where the parents' consent gets tricky. Should we be able to, say, sell teenage daughters? Parental consent would obviously be present there (sale is a voluntary act) - and the Bible supports the practice (Exodus 21:7).
Kajinris 6 months ago
And what in the bible?
Zulura 6 months ago
Polls on the US are entirely irrelevant when talking about Europe.
Gardakora 6 months ago
Once again, do you mean the universe itself or the universe as we know it? Do you mean the universe as it was 12.5 billion years ago or the universe as it is today? Do you even know what you mean?
Arashisida 6 months ago
No, it's what you got from the human-authored Bible that has so many errors and contradictions in it that if it were actually inspired by a god, it wasn't a perfect god, or a good god.
Kesar 6 months ago
Nope, not gnostic.
Vicage 6 months ago
I hit it over the right field wall, Trumptard.
Gaktilar 6 months ago
I'm a 4.0 at being snarky.
Keran 5 months ago
nope, he came to uphold it
Mikora 5 months ago
Nope. I read the article. I always do before I comment. I still think it is far right hogwash. Sorry if that bothers you.
Gahn 5 months ago
"My friend recently decided to do it." Well, you see, loving someone of the same sex is not 'doing it' just as you are not 'doing it' with your spouse.
Maugul 5 months ago
My head hurts after reading this mess.
Meztit 5 months ago
Polar bear fur is clear, not white! But if the Polar bear's skin is black, how come they don't look black in colour? Well, each of the longer guard hairs on the Polar bear's body is hollow and reflects visible light, much like snow. So when the sun is shining brightly, Polar bears appear bright white
Mezill 5 months ago
Sorry, I got into a debate over on the Will believers be saved post and missed this. Thank you for the complements but I think it was intuitive. Hope you are well and happy, my friend.
Tezilkree 5 months ago
"And if so, is it consistent with 20th century mass murders (100 million) at the hands of Atheist Communist Dictators?"
Goltigis 5 months ago
The Last Time CO2 Was This High, Humans Didn?t Exist
Nikorg 4 months ago
Drove 2 hrs to the office to find out the person im supposed to be meeting couldn't bother to come to the office and decided we could have the meeting on Skype instead.
Arazuru 4 months ago
Really?!? Last week it was video games and lack of school prayers. Or was it unarmed librarians and too many doors?
Zugal 4 months ago
Christians and their belief in magic. Sad and funny in equal measures.
Gardar 4 months ago
Liberals 7 seats. And only two ridings not reporting. Looks like they lost official party status
Nitaur 4 months ago
Yep, and they are mostly women forced into it who end up here
Julmaran 4 months ago
Stop it...get some help....
Arashilkis 4 months ago
Something to light a fire under his ass next year.
Totilar 3 months ago
"the collective has no right to impose its priorities on any individual"
Nejin 3 months ago
Seriously? It?s like meeting someone who thinks Dumbo was real, or that the Geico gecko exists.
Grosho 3 months ago
Curious to know what kind of regulation you think churches should face, besides taxation?
Tojalmaran 3 months ago
Oh, right it was a troll that accepted your offer and so was that mod. Riiiiight Smiley, riiight.....
Kazigar 3 months ago
Oh, ok, you are talking reincarnation or something, spiritual stuff. Since we have no physical proof of that, a scientist will continue to view life as a finite one timer.^ I am not disagreeing with you, just pointing out that we lack physical proof of what you state.
Aragul 3 months ago
If I can imagine one minute of time I can image MORE time. 14 billion years is just lots of time.
0 search nylon guitar samples


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