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Shock collar sexual abuse daughter

Shock collar sexual abuse daughter
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"So you want to be as irresponsible as the criminals you are paranoid about?"

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Shock collar sexual abuse daughter
Shock collar sexual abuse daughter

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Kebei 3 months ago
Actually, that's a fair point, sarcasm or not.
Jujora 3 months ago
I was SOOOO mad.
Vuzragore 3 months ago
Have someone recording you come out of it ;-)
Kagar 2 months ago
Perhaps this omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent lord is too omnimodest.
Fenrira 2 months ago
The reason that there are so many roads on the path to enlightenment, is that they all lead to the same place. Or, so I believe.
Tugrel 2 months ago
Why should I look up support for your argument when you won't do the work?
Samugrel 2 months ago
The smallest number is the easiest to report on... It makes for better headlines. Less actual reporting.
Voodooll 2 months ago
Man that's a lot of butthurt
Moogum 2 months ago
LOL it does I guess this is where tv gets it
Yozshuzragore 1 month ago
It doesn't. But condemning one religion while ignoring the other is blatant hypocrisy and bias. I'm so my making the comparison.
Shaktimi 1 month ago
No it is just that the regualrs are on usually in the morning. Welcome to Love Stinks WD. Please read the community guidelines and try to have fun.
Moll 1 month ago
They don't need a law about concealed carry to put more teeth into the existing laws. Besides, the Constitution doesn't really allow the sort of restriction you're asking for.
Faenos 1 month ago
hmm..I am so happy.. dear
Duran 1 month ago
Back in the 80?s meat packers were unionized and made $15 an hour, now they make $9 and it?s the Liberals who have picked up Reagan?s banner to protect the foreign workers the rich rely on to save money on labor cost.
Shaktisho 1 month ago
Right?! If the shoes fits dude....
Dit 3 weeks ago
Well, I'd have to say being married to my husband is something I've been told is a sin but probably is my favorite "sin", as I cannot imagine my life without him.
Gromuro 1 week ago
I know the feeling, remember I drove six hours yesterday!
Shakagrel 6 days ago
What prevents God from continuing time indefinitely? Why do you say it must end. Before God created a single thing was there not time?
Zulkikora 3 days ago
Gays who regard themselves as women...I think you have an interesting typo there.
Shak 16 hours ago
FAR BETTER than the 'alternative'


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