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Gay pornstars from the 1980 s

Gay pornstars from the 1980 s
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"I ansered your four questions. Your failure to admit this, is indeed on the table."

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Gay pornstars from the 1980 s
Gay pornstars from the 1980 s

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Mikagal 11 months ago
Hmmm so for you the holocaust and arresting illegal aliens and then either prosecuting them which yields at worst a 6 month sentence before deportation or just deporting them are the same?
Junos 11 months ago
Well, I agree that I do prefer articles that have all the details instead of having to click a link.
Mesar 11 months ago
False premise. I am not ignorant about science.
Mular 11 months ago
In my opinion, this is way more important than continuing to bitch and moan about Maxine Waters, Red Hen, and Sanders.
Meztiran 11 months ago
Do you really not remember?
Talar 11 months ago
The goddess of fertility and war ? Has what to do with this question posed ?
Diran 10 months ago
Hotter inside. The A/C is under repair... there at least is a breeze outside...
Zulkizshura 10 months ago
But she's free! Take her. Please?!
Moogutaxe 10 months ago
so, you lied
Mikazuru 10 months ago
Are you personally willing to adopt or financially support one of these children? Or multiple children? Since people are telling her what to do, perhaps they should by extension assume some of the future responsibility for the welfare of this mother and child.
Voodoocage 10 months ago
Used to assemble Christmas wreaths of dried ornamentals gathered from local flora, and pink peppercorns were always included.
Votaxe 9 months ago
Now, now, as you cannot prove the existence of this god yours about whose nature, will and acts you know so much about, you merely claim that you don't have to. PU! PU! PU!
Kerisar 9 months ago
You got me. That's why I asked.
Arashitaxe 9 months ago
How many left wing extremist mass murderers in this country can you name?
Kagataxe 9 months ago
Jesus said as much, much of his art was in culling the important teachings, "the Word" out of the Old Testament, while removing folks from fruitlessly following ancient religious law, which Jesus pointed out rendered everyone who attempted to follow it a sinner. Forgiveness, turning the other cheek, compassion for the poor, arguably all of those, like hidden jewels, were culled from the Old Testament. And who did Jesus testify to? The Hebrew "God" of the Old Testament. No coincidence. Jesus was a teacher, a deliverer, of the "chosen" religious people from the corruption of their own teachings and traditions.
Migul 8 months ago
The 'milk of good news' kind of sours within the taste test provided.
Malaran 8 months ago
that's hilarious, you're replying to my original post and I've kindly asked you to stop replying to my comments twice now, yet you have the audacity to whine about harassment
Mikakus 8 months ago
There are certain textures that totally freak me out and give me chills and I can't touch them because they put me in a weird headspace. It's totally weird and I know it.
Voodooramar 8 months ago
You're right, science is nonsense. They don't know what they're doing, they have no evidence for anything, and it's all just propaganda.
Samular 7 months ago
Depending on which state, but you must pray in silence for 1 minute in all but three I believe. Religion can actually taught along with the other mythical Greek and Egyptian gods in it's historical sense. I can forward case law and citation but you know where to find it.
Fem 7 months ago
Really? That is all it takes? Heads up Christians... You are off the hook!
Tauran 7 months ago
was wondering if you'd retired from Disqus
Toktilar 7 months ago
Do you have a more accurate number?
Daicage 7 months ago
My daughter is the same. It will be -15 degrees and I have to fight with her to wear her winter coat because she doesn't think her winter coat is fashionable. SMH!!
Kajitaur 7 months ago
This is how democracy works guys. She is free to kick her out. People are then free to get arrested for throwing feces. God bless America
Dour 6 months ago
But to be clear, you are equating the atheists of Russia with churches ?
Mezahn 6 months ago
I would not support abortion even if there was a test for atheism, or worse liberalism
Faesida 6 months ago
I would think one good book would have sufficed. One that would help us move from our "animal" nature to our "angelic" nature. One that would take us from our egoic self interest to our enlightened self interest. One less concerned with salvation and more concerned with intellectual, emotional and even spiritual awakening. But maybe that is a different God.
Akinozilkree 6 months ago
They will be back...when the world get's back to normal.
Nikot 6 months ago
Comprehension issues? YOUR GOD
Sazshura 6 months ago
A child cant give consent.
JoJobar 6 months ago
He'll learn but he has to be trained to use his post. There's also a corrogated cardboard mat type of thing that our cat likes a lot.
Nikosho 5 months ago
looks like she is gonna lose after all. 10-1 she's back at her city council trough next election
Kajizahn 5 months ago
That can be painful. I fought with it a few years ago and my podiatrist had me wear a boot designed to stretch the fascia and calf...it worked. Hopefully, your doctor can prescribe an effective treatment for you.


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