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"Mr. Bad Example, by the late, great Warren Zevon:"

At that moment the bus stopped at a stop in some village 6 miles from my own. I was sitting on the couch still with my pants down. He had the other hand guiding himself against me.

They all jumped in the pool and asked her to get in.

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"I've been thinking, I'm going to ring a few mates and throw a little party round here tonight. After about ten slaps on her sexy pert bottom her put his palm between her legs and cupped her gusset, prodding his fingers into her clitoris area instantly making Alice moan.

A big black man on top of a small white boy. I told him that I was fine. Only this time Mark sat next to me. And stopped right in front of me. I leaned up to look directly into her large cleavage. "Oh shit lads this slut is gagging for it, her knickers are damp already" Ant then stood her up and spun her around so her back was up against his body and she was facing most of the lads in the room.

The rough bowl made by her claws, is partially filled with a light brown sludge of her cum and her offering of shit.

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Tausida 11 months ago
No, but theists would never claim their God is an object.
Araramar 11 months ago
Costco has always been heads and shoulders above other corporations in it's treatment of workers.
Yogore 11 months ago
As much as I detest both Trump's style and impact, I have not and will not advocate impeachment without the evidence to have a reasonable chance of his removal in a bipartisan Senate vote.
Vudole 11 months ago
Pretty impressive, creating the universe and everything!
Sall 10 months ago
Canada has not been pulling it's weight in NATO for years.
Vudoktilar 10 months ago
He is a Ford.
Faudal 10 months ago
Steve Kerr really crying?
Kigajinn 10 months ago
This is a painting you did want to paint. If you refuse an I dentical paiting to someone it?s because it?s them you are rejecting, not the painting.
Kigami 10 months ago
Lol. Thanks, Sir. It?s True tho....
Togrel 10 months ago
He would have "facilitated" in the same way as I mentioned with the imperfect analogy with driving the person.
Dugis 9 months ago
The government is taking action to outlaw PP, and you must have missed the memo, you don't pay for it.
Bat 9 months ago
Even the bible says peeps get out of Hell, but most aren't aware of it. (Rev 20:13, 14 hell or hades emptied out, hell is thrown into lake of fire)
Vishura 9 months ago
Nothing about my comment was obtuse. Try looking up the definition, dumbfuck.
Nikodal 9 months ago
Anecdote isn';t evidence. Empirical evidence can be empirically tested and checked.


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