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"And yet, after 5 years of bible school, you appear not to know that there is a viable and functioning world that doesn't rely on what's written in the bible. And that its citizens are no worse human beings than those that live according to the precepts of the bible."

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Live pee girl chat
Live pee girl chat

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Gabar 10 months ago
Well, considering the policies being pushed by the federal government violate the law, then it's entirely consistent.
Daizil 10 months ago
true but with a Fed election on the way he will have a tough time imposing one on Ontario and probably won't until after the next election, assuming he can win it.
Goltikasa 10 months ago
I will keep my eyes out for it, Thanks.
Zusho 10 months ago
During the week I try to go to bed around 9:30, since I have to get up at 5:30. On the weekends I can stay up until 1 or so, but I'm sleeping in until at least 10.
Tygojora 10 months ago
Most went to Republicans.
Brabei 10 months ago
Submitting yourself for asylmn isn't a crime. And we do look like Nazis when we separate children like this, it serves no purpose other than to terrorize them, and appeal to the extremist racist republican base. Also, if you are a Trump supporter than you are supporting the Neo-nazis in this country, they love him. So your your point is kind of hypocritical, it isn't like the Trump cult has nay problems with the people my Grandfather shot at.
Dale 9 months ago
That the resurrection completely negates the sacrifice.
Brataur 9 months ago
You can't say that w/o knowing why I question what was said.
Shakabei 9 months ago
Is that a question?
Tosar 9 months ago
To be fair about the Bernie Bot part---he didn't make it to the General Election so, it was the Jill Stein and the other guy..Aleppo..whatever his name was.
Tetaur 9 months ago
Problem is these dummies have inflicted him on the world.
Douzshura 9 months ago
Was he an elected official?
Dairr 8 months ago
You said the United States as a society doesn't value it's citizens. How does the US as a society not value it's citizens if US society is made up entirely of it's citizens, etc?


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