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"Isn't it obvious that this is not about literal chariots of iron or literal ancient warfare (which history does not record actually happening)? Its more reasonably seen as metaphors for this religious group trying to spread their spiritual message throughout the ancient world."

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Young & Pretty Shemale Tastes her Own Cum

Young & Pretty Shemale Tastes her Own Cum

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Shaktill 11 months ago
So did Hitler
Samucage 11 months ago
Perhaps we should define what we mean by faith first. I see faith as belief in something without sufficient evidence to demonstrate its accuracy.
Samuk 11 months ago
I for one do not believe that the Jesus described in the Bible existed. Take away the magical stuff and I am more apt to believe someone named Jesus existed and spread his version of a gospel.
Vudogul 10 months ago
The bank records alone are sufficient black mail material to get whatever they want! :-)
Shagul 10 months ago
Thanks. I said that I wasn't blasting *you*, just venting. Have a great evening. :-)
Tular 10 months ago
mic was dropped dum dum
Bazilkree 10 months ago
No, Calvin. Unfortunately, it will not. And people in this country actually wonder why minorities feel like there is not equal justice under the law.
Tozuru 10 months ago
Prove a different context. You are assuming a context that I have no reason to believe exists.
Faeshakar 10 months ago
??????It will save a lot of time!
Shadal 10 months ago
So then you may find yourself standing with me if you truly belive that.
Dacage 10 months ago
As long as the kid is a decent human being. But by the time I have (if I decide to, really close to getting my uterus removed) kids, Trump would be dead hopefully. That's what I'm hoping for. That my kid isn't an ass.


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