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Young adult with add inattentive type unmotivated

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"Scientific theories with a capital T are always right?"

" Rachael suggests, "I could use that room for now and Jeff could sleep with you. Just one husband.

Lesbians licking each other

Lesbians licking each other

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Young adult with add inattentive type unmotivated
Young adult with add inattentive type unmotivated

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Yozshulabar 8 months ago
Kazrale 8 months ago
"If you meet your
Toshicage 8 months ago
*mental note to bring stretchy clothes*
Nagami 8 months ago
I?ve never heard of that, but that would make sense. However that?s not the case for the Ram. Studies have shown that some Rams have demonstrated a sexual preference to other males even when other Sheep were available.
Fekora 8 months ago
Cool. I tend to believe that "spiritual stuff" exists, but science can not prove (or disprove) its existence.
Zulkimuro 7 months ago
Dickens preponderance upon the "hooknosed Jew" always left me oddly unconvinced of his larger commentary on the injustices of Britain.
Grokazahn 7 months ago
That's so awful people make you feel that way -- especially those who know your history!
Zulkitilar 7 months ago
I'm not sure that being against superstition in any way affects the sciences and how they do their work. Unless they are actively suppressing evidence for god when, just as an example they are studying evolution. So as an example, the religious claim that in evolution there are irreducible elements that could not have come about without intent... The flagella or the eye as 2 examples. Science looks at these claims and shows that in fact they are not irreducible. That's not an antireligious bias. That's science putting right a bunk claim.
Shaktishakar 7 months ago
He is not allowed his individual freedoms when operation as a "business entity" as per his "business license" if this were something to do with his personal life, he may have a case, but as I and other have explained to you, when you apply for and accept a business license you are then bound by the laws governing business. At work, you are not an individual you are an acting as an agent under the business name and business license. Businesses can not and do not have religious beliefs or affiliations. He had plenty of choices to in which to sell his "art" to the public that would not involve breaking the law, but he choose to apply for a business license to sell to the general public. You give up some rights in exchange for some benefits granted. Now he wants to take his ball and go home in the middle of the game because he does not like the rules he agreed to. Too bad, so sad. No special treatment.
Kazijar 7 months ago
That was you?
Kajill 6 months ago
All the Red Hen stories have conservatives on these boards clutching their pearls and shrieking with indignation that liberals would dare to ruin somebody's meal just because they have political differences. Only to find out not only are the Trump supporters harassing the Red Hen because of political differences, but they're too stupid to target the right restaurant ... or even the right state.
Tukora 6 months ago
Call it a fetus. Call it a human being. Shoot man, call it a person or an unborn baby. I don't honestly care what someone wants to call it. What it is, PC, is not your decision to make for someone other than yourself. Do you understand that basic reasoning? The discussion of abortion is, and always will be a very personal one. You've come across as some who's put some thought into this, and I can respect that. For me, abortion is not, and never will be, my decision to make. Neither is the legal definition of "person". But more so, is that I don't feel anyone has the right to dictate what decision a woman feels is right for her body and what is inside of it. I feel so strongly about it that it effects my decisions on where I spend my money and who I vote for under certain circumstances.
Zoloramar 6 months ago
Aww look at Milo trying to be people.
Akinogor 6 months ago
So you focus on issue of suffering. yes, that's the strongest point you have, but I shall create an OP that addresses that.
Arashizilkree 6 months ago
Of course it?s people that actually do the work and make things happen but for Christians who engage in those fields and run those ministries it is their faith in the Christian principles of loving and caring for others that motivate them.
Tulkree 6 months ago
How does one believe in "truth"? What is the alternative--believing in "false"? The truth must be demonstrable to all who ask for verification. If you go to a bar and say "Well, the truth is, I have ID that shows I am over 21, however you must first BELIEVE and have absolute FAITH that I am 21 before I can verify it" do you think you are going to get in?
Mezishakar 5 months ago
"LOGIC dictates the god belief is every bit as untrue as the leprechaun."
Kilrajas 5 months ago
Now that is something else altogether. They would also have to show that it's related to religion and a long held consistent belief. If they can't then they could be held liable to the civil rights commission. I still am uneasy about this though.
Young adult with add inattentive type unmotivated


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