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How long does sperm stay active

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"^^^ really is this fucking stupid"

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Hot brunette gets her ass royally drilled

Hot brunette gets her ass royally drilled

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How long does sperm stay active
How long does sperm stay active
How long does sperm stay active

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Nikoramar 1 year ago
I'm not doing your work for you.
Gulabar 1 year ago
I have no issues with "criticism" especially when it comes to governments and their blind followers no matter their allegiance. In fact, more the merrier to educate the ignorant. However, I don't see where it's used here.
Akinojinn 11 months ago
Can't have mine. I sold it to Henry Repeating Arms ;-P
Mezik 11 months ago
Trudeau probably has a senate seat waiting.
Yokinos 11 months ago
You complain about me, and yet you try to insult me. As I said before, yawn.
Guran 11 months ago
The kind of women you are talking about don't have the kind opportunities that other women may have had. They live in rural areas where they have limited options and possibly did not have the funds to get an education to be more independent women. When women are able to be educated, they tend to hold more progressive views and see things differently. These women believe in strict gender roles because they believe this is how they will survive in an uncertain world. An uncertain world where they hold less power and less financial freedom then men.
Daigul 11 months ago
True, I am laughing so hard at you it is bringing tears, LOL...
Zologal 10 months ago
I predict she'll resign her seat today, since it doesn't matter for Lib party status anymore.
Dule 10 months ago
good, that means he will succeed in spite of himself
Bragor 10 months ago
Please stop playing the race card.
Dirg 10 months ago
And just what makes you think they are not?
Mikarn 9 months ago
so you're just down the road. Favorite Arkansas place name...Toad Suck. I need to visit there sometime
Dagul 9 months ago
"We are discussing metaphysics, are we not?"
Fenrinris 9 months ago
Dont mess with the queen bee
Bralkree 9 months ago
JBM. I suspect that the imagined ?afterlife? will be about as satisfying, fulfilling and perceptual as the ?beforebirth?.
Jukasa 9 months ago
Lol I remember Annette asked you where did you come from? How did you get to this forum? Lolol
Kazrazil 8 months ago
I mean it's better in person to meet people.
Sagore 8 months ago
Fined? Really? They are defrauding the American people. If this is a civil and not a criminal matter, the problem will not be solved. trump has been fined for hiring illegals more than once. It was obviously not a deterrent for him.
Sashura 8 months ago
It's at least partially media's fault. Media convinced these Leftards that the whole country supports their nutty, hate-based behavior. Libtards think they represent the majority of Americans, when in reality they're a tiny minority that most people have no sympathy for.
Moogulabar 8 months ago
I could have put a picture of the dead bodies of the southern-sympathizer gun owners, but decided it was too graphic. Instead, a painting of the northern liberals response to southern armed rebellion:
Arashijas 8 months ago
Guess what ? You are full of shit , my liberal ,asshole ,commenter! Obama set us back by siding with the weak countries . He didn't have the guts to stand up to our enemies , Iran, Russia, China,Syria.Palestine.Libya ,
Zoloramar 8 months ago
Oh please Paul is as fictional as Jesus and the rest of the disciples.
Gajar 8 months ago
If it was clear the dissenting judge wouldn't dissent.
Fenrihn 7 months ago
you spelled Trump wrong.
Dajin 7 months ago
foursome so no one gets ignored.
Zolozil 7 months ago
Promoting the idea that an infant can give consent would certainly suggest that.
Faular 7 months ago
I'm dying to know what you think of her dress.
Gardagore 7 months ago
That's what I have.
Kigalabar 7 months ago
Eveyone needs to eat
JoJonris 6 months ago
The reboot was ok. I thought it was kind of silly that they made a big deal about Becky "giving away" their grandchild, because she was going to donate an egg to this couple, though.


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