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Vintage mac tool box

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"I have the only correct view point."

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Worship BBC  Compilation

Worship BBC Compilation

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This is about old traditions Vintge what families did to help each other. Aftef that I reached my sidewalk I always take to get home.

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Vintage mac tool box

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Shakalabar 1 year ago
We both can look at him as a creator god. In my way, that is all he is. I marvel that the beauty provided but my concept means he created it to be all self sustaining. To me he is only a creator god and is now probably only creating something new, somewhere else. No need to deify him or look at him as controlling or wishing to be prayed to.
Kigahn 11 months ago
I really fail to understand why Canadian military has the "ambitious" plan to recruit more minorities instead of having a plan to recruit people the best fit for the military service, regardless of their race, gender or sexual preferences.. What is so ambitious about derailing recruiting process particularly and Canadian military generally (unless you are a military-hating liberal, of course)?
Kajirisar 11 months ago
Me too. She was far too young.
Mikara 11 months ago
Lay off the LSDs, okay?
Nikodal 11 months ago
Thank you, thought I could add in the photo after the fact. I'll mind that for next time.
Malajar 10 months ago
>>"You?re making up arbitrary reasons of why an argument isn?t valid so I figured I would too."<<
Brall 10 months ago
Yes I did. However, if you prefer more explicit answer: Yes, the Universe did have a beginning. That doesn't indicate that there was any creator involved though.
Jugor 10 months ago
did she suggest a 2nd Amendment solution or the like? like our dear leader.
Shaktigar 10 months ago
I did. The article I linked to provides its sources.
Tojakasa 10 months ago
china has gone through similar political iterations, as well as a few periods of total fracture, and it still exists as a relatively cohesive society with a shared identity throughout it's 2500-3000 year run. that's more than a little simplistic summation of chinese history, but i think that relative to roman/european history, it holds up.
Meztizragore 9 months ago
Why? Your god can't fight iron chariots, and we incorporate iron and steel into our vehicles. He's useless.
Arashura 9 months ago
You're literally calling half the country "shit" without any evidence whatsoever.
Vudogar 9 months ago
Making a fool of yourself? You did that when you boasted that God does not exist. So, you take the cake on that fool-making.
Yozshujora 9 months ago
I just know that whatever I answer will be what I think or believe, because I cannot possibly be sure of what I would do in that situation. I find it hard to believe anyone can, at least with any certainty.
Shaktitilar 8 months ago
Gotta get that 15 minutes of internet fame. That's all that matters.
Kizragore 8 months ago
100% of astrophysicists agree that the universe was created supernaturally
Moogukasa 8 months ago
Duh. The herpes has to choose you.
Zuludal 8 months ago
"What they are saying is scientists and the relevent work in those feilds agree."
Sagami 8 months ago
Every government in the West is operating the same way. Spending way more than they take in and running deficit after deficit and accumulating more debt. It's not sustainable.
Mezirr 8 months ago
Many Jews were taken as slaves from Israel when the Romans left. Italian mannerisms are very similar. Also forced conversions, many lost their Jewish Identities. Also some hid their Jewishness. I often sense it is there. Infact I proved my point when working. My Boss had distant family, another had a Jewish mother and did not know it, until she researched family. My long time friend has it in the family also. Birds of a feather flock together. ?? ??
Gugis 8 months ago
LOL that's an odd take.
Dizilkree 8 months ago
Well, too late it appears; you?ve crossed well over into insult. If you had a more finely tuned sense of irony you might not have been so quick to do so. But go and explain again how all philosophers of religion and science agree with you, and only you.
Vitaur 8 months ago
Her dad is a nutjob and he needs to get a grip.
Akinris 7 months ago
Let?s see. Graduated in 1991, got married in 1994. 2 our of 3 of my boys were born. 1997 and 1998.
Zolonris 7 months ago
This is what's wrong with a lot of the generation today. Mom and dad did too many time outs instead of busting that ass with a belt or hand and grounding and putting him or her to work. Too many hand outs today and too many kids running around thinking the law doesn't pertain to them just because they are in the vicinity of where the law had been broken.
Zololar 7 months ago
Thank you for agreeing with me. HRC would have been fully within her rights to attack Iran if they attacked Israel. Research the accord that demand this.


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