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Special treatment for gays

Special treatment for gays
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"I have asked the same question to believers multiple times. "Why can't you just admit that your belief is illogical?" Just stay out of reasoning (which you aren't good at anyway) and proudly claim "I have faith." (Which you put above reason anyway)"

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Special treatment for gays
Special treatment for gays

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Kiramar 11 months ago
I already did. You just can't comprehend and / or accept it.
Keshakar 10 months ago
What? Jesus. You are not born with a religious disposition. Wtf? Are you mental?
Zulugor 10 months ago
There were a lot of laughable homilies.
Nakinos 10 months ago
Quantum Mechanics is painfully implausible and yet is one of the most well-evidenced features of physics. Now if only we could agree on what that evidence means....
Faek 10 months ago
Yes because we have never done that.
Tegore 10 months ago
News views mods are tards.
Faecage 9 months ago
People are taught about gods. To find someone that hasn't been influenced by the concept of a god would be hard. You're saying that this concept is already there anyway, am I right? So if a child was isolated enough from outside influence, it wouldn't matter, they would still develop this concept?
Daik 9 months ago
I have inserted a morality question in my bolded question and added an image at the beginning of my post, but now I see it marked as spam. Did I not comply quick enough? There is interest in my post as you can see...
Vudokora 9 months ago
Self-evident, inside it's own bubble outside of the real and natural world. An apple can "prove" itself because it's existence offers all the evidence we require, A feat well beyond *any* metaphysical creature.
Tygogore 9 months ago
He congratulated them before he checked out of the game. But you saw what you wanted to see.
Gakasa 9 months ago
The baker didn't sit through the whole reception?
Akinozahn 9 months ago
If any mother stays at home to raise the kids when they need her most I admire them. Raising your kids to be secure, happy and well rounded individuals is the best. Unfortunately, it has often ment the mothers have no security years down the line, no pensions, no career and possible a husband, partner who cheated on her. But if it all works out, how great for the kids and the parents.
Yozshuzil 9 months ago
should be death penalty
Tygozil 8 months ago
You're a sad case, bud.
Tagore 8 months ago
Legalize cocaine and meth will go away...
Doumi 8 months ago
Half right, cutting taxes. Spending is still high though.
Nitaur 8 months ago
All of them.
Niran 7 months ago
Those don't require religious patronage do they?
Mokazahn 7 months ago
How is this OP anti-atheist?
Zulkimi 7 months ago
Fucking imbecile , I gave you facts about LBB Barry Obungo.
Ketaur 6 months ago
Think of the history changed by not having the crusades alone.
Gurn 6 months ago
You are the very incarnation of my point. You simply sit so far out on the fringes of the Far left that the center looks Far right to you.
Special treatment for gays


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