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"I'll let you off the hook. But I'll ask you to think about what I've said."

I was mortified. Like dlubs would hear in a high five. He had a beer in his hand, sipping it every couple of seconds, enjoying the humane pleasures he had.

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Strip clubs in dunn nc
Strip clubs in dunn nc

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Goltishicage 1 year ago
Again ,another stupid answer by a very stupid guy!
Groramar 1 year ago
No. They are NOT the same, and if GOD is an idiot, then you are worse because He is smarter than you.
Natilar 1 year ago
Old Testament - Figuratively
Faejinn 1 year ago
"Nor do I agree that most churches "go after" gay folks"
Nilkis 1 year ago
I realize that we cannot have another Liberal Government and definitely not an NDP one either. However, Dougie is swimming around the "stretch goal" territory promises as well. He seems to be unclear and uncertain regarding issues when talking about cuts to the CBC( Federal disarray) ,messing around with the abortion laws which would violate confidentiality and eliminating the six million dollar man. His promises of 20% cut to the middle class, 12% more off Hydro and 10 cents off gas sounds like what everyone wants to hear. I do believe he will come through with these promises.....but at what expense?? Will we see more downloading to municipalities again??
Kajijora 1 year ago
Kids 13. let her cut her hair how she wants. If it's a goofy cut, there's a good chance she'll look back on it when she's older and laugh at herself.
Gardakree 1 year ago
His religion is a ponzi scheme (like most religions).
Taugul 11 months ago
Lol they all extend at the rim
Gazuru 11 months ago
I prefer indoor tumbleweeds but point taken.
Dashakar 11 months ago
Take it however you want son, you have been ripped apart thoughout this whole thread.
Turisar 11 months ago
Off to work now. Gonna use really cool lasers to make sure our nuclear stockpile is safe, secure and effective so we don?t go boom boom ?? and that we can make others go boom ?? if we need to.
Vokazahn 11 months ago
You were brainwashed. It is just fable. Cult stuff.
Zulkizilkree 11 months ago
When people use science like that, they are invoking the feild, often more than one feild and not a set part. For exsample evolution covers like 5 or more feilds of study. So science is used as a short hand.
Tuhn 11 months ago
He is Hasbarat...
Maujinn 10 months ago
Again, post the citations to the peer-reviewed scientific research published in scientific refereed journals that falsifies ToE.
Zulujind 10 months ago
You are breathing, you are alive. What more are you asking for?
Mezirg 10 months ago
Just wondering, when you busted out the dirk memes yesterday I was like oh no, here we go again! Lol.
Malak 10 months ago
Yeah, but that's just people. It's okay to ban people so long as we aren't banning the ideas people have. Because ideas are so much more important than people.
Kazigor 10 months ago
I'd need to build a house for them. And I'd go live in it. My MIL could have my house and live with my husband. Everyone's happy!
Bragal 9 months ago
He did create us all, after all. So we should all be considered equal.
Kegami 9 months ago
It?s all over the news. You need to pay attention.
Sarisar 9 months ago
Actually... education of women is strongly correlated with reduced family size and increased wealth.
Muk 9 months ago
Yes, heels are sexier, but you asked for a flat, Hil! :P
Kigat 9 months ago
Thanks Steve. I plan on reading some of these epistles. It will help me understand this a little more.
Vudok 9 months ago
We talked about having kids but the next thing I knew she came in and said hey we are having a baby. I was excited and terrified all at once
Vudorisar 9 months ago
@TFCC I?ve visited that site many times. It?s a good resource ? pretty sure that you?re the one who brought it to my attention. You?ve mentioned it in at least a few OPs now.
Daijinn 8 months ago
That "2000 years of scholarship" is being overturned, by modern methods. When it is not Christians trying to prove Christianity and college educated historians doing the investigation, it doesn't go so well for them.
Kizil 8 months ago
I am already light years ahead of you on TRUE History. Do yourself a favor,,,, Read these 14 Historical Essays by a True White European that probably knows more about what the Greeks Classics and Histories say than you do yourself and you being a Greek. hahahaha
Douzshura 8 months ago
Obama had the muslim brotherhood at the whitehouse.
Strip clubs in dunn nc


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