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What bikini should i wear

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"You can. Again, most people don't. They use hosting services because it's cheaper and easier to get someone else to accept the liability. My point is that the internet is not the public square you're claiming it to be, no matter how much you deflect."

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Black tranny in white lingerie lubes up her body and shedick

Black tranny in white lingerie lubes up her body and shedick

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What bikini should i wear
What bikini should i wear

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Tojara 1 year ago
"Just who appointed you arbiter of Christianity?"
Daigis 11 months ago
Near stars or distant? It would depend on the distance involved as to how accurate the data is. Mars was once in a life zone status (if all the data coming in from the nasa orbiters is correct). IF a far distant star had a similar fleeting life zone we would be hard pressed to see it. It would depend on the propagation front of the event and would have to coincide with our time of observation (a few hundred years). For the vast majority of the examined objects the time/light distance is such that we would have missed the fleeting formation of a life zone that lasted only 40 thousand years or so (likely what Mars had) with our current level of technology.
Tezragore 11 months ago
Correct. That is one of scenarios, we evolve into something else due to changing conditions on our planet. There is no guarantee that that 'something else' is intelligent. Conditions on earth may have changed so dramatically that some other mutation takes precedence for survival over intelligence (which is biologically expensive).
Nikojar 11 months ago
So, the Christians that do that are liars.
Meziktilar 11 months ago
I am doing no hand-waving. I am simply responding to your analogies and pointing out their problems.
Dagore 11 months ago
Lmao yes, I?m not hating. I?d get work done to my face if I had the money too.
Vozilkree 10 months ago
I like that one.
Meztikinos 10 months ago
As murder is a subset of killing, your comment on lions is inapt and inept.
Vorn 10 months ago
Luckily they wont be murdering any more women for the catholic cults deity now.
Kezilkree 10 months ago
There is no change to consider if it includes a supernatural being in a scientific endeavor. I am not sure why you think this is some kind of "anti-theist" conspiracy when many of you have admitted that God can not be detected using the scientific method. If it can not be detected, then it can not be considered scientifically. To insist it should would be contradictory and negate the purpose of science.
Akiran 9 months ago
Advocating that Christians commit suicide... I thought we were beyond this?
Tagami 9 months ago
1. If we are to have separation of church and state, should high school science teachers be allowed to ridicule Christianity, for example, in class, or are they required to be neutral toward religion?
Jusar 9 months ago
I think I am lactose intolerant. The above condensed biblical tome ( Readers Digestive). left me feeling queazy. .
Gadal 9 months ago
Too complex for you? This universe's spacetime came into existence as a result of a quantum fluctuation, which occur everywhere, all the time, and can and have been measured. Time cannot be isolated from spacetime. All particles, including those of which you are comprised, are fields. When a virtual particle arises in the absence of other particles, it interferes with itself. This can be seen in the single particle double slit experiment, using anything from quanta to molecules as the particle.
Samugul 9 months ago
Al get it straight he rammed into her, it doesn't make any difference helping her up the point is he rammed a senior citizen.
Takora 9 months ago
Always here to put you in your place with facts.
Dilmaran 8 months ago
Again, if you want to make the claim that Israel is a product of God, then you are claiming God is responsible for the Holocaust since that was the driving factor behind the creation of that nation. Only an asshat would worship a god that was responsible for the Holocaust.
Shakaktilar 8 months ago
give you mom a hug, and tell her you are proud of her standing up for her freind. this is a good sign that she may be growing out of the rigid structure of that church. she would be far better off with a group of people who are far more tolerant. and i am sure she has other optionof churches to attend to have been a long timechurch goer, iam sure she will only be comfortable in a church setting. she will be too lonley otherwise..
Nezragore 8 months ago
The idea of banning an entire country or religion sounds ridiculous to me. The key would be extreme vetting of EVERYONE. There are safe Saudis and terrorists. Others get citizenship elsewhere (France or Germany for instance) and avoid the ban. If you can't be vetted (no birth certificate or records) then you can't come in or you come in under special conditions. I'm more for high tech (face recognition technology) than low tech (ban entire countries or build a wall). Technology just keeps getting better and low tech is too easy to bypass. However, in the long run, safety is an illusion and security is a myth. Stop them from coming in and the terrorists here will kill you. Vet the terrorists here and throw them out and someone with no record will radicalize. Think of it like the zombie apocalypse. Your mail carrier get's bitten by a zombie and becomes a zombie. You don't ban all mail carriers from your property or ban any postal workers, you vet for zombies.
JoJojar 8 months ago
Remember what happened at AJE. Don't let history repeat itself.
Tojarr 8 months ago
In your position I would chop his dick off and feed it to him.
Zulkihn 8 months ago
more like socially engineered box dwellers
Mezilar 8 months ago
Is it a human being? (the baby in there)
Yojas 7 months ago
?Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.?
Kisar 7 months ago
Well, the odds of something self creating would seem to be close to zero since absolutely nothing in nature that science has found "self creates", no physically existing thing self creates, rather, everything that exists is a function of stuff and interactions that preceded their physical existence with all of it a function of the big bang 14+ billion years ago. Having discovered a finite beginning to our finite physically existing Universe, what are the odds it self created?
Talkis 7 months ago
This guy claims to tech Hinduism and has no clue what Vedism is
Gadal 7 months ago
Sorry, couldn't resist! ;)
Kerr 7 months ago
It's a thought that i wanted to share and get feedback on, if that is wrong, so be it. I don't think this is my launching point into mainstream physics, this is just a discussion.
Zuzil 7 months ago
Americans are beginning to conclude that their lives are getting better, and that President Trump and Republican leadership are a part of that phenomenon.


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