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"All right, but.... how does that fix the schools?"

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Asian free web cam chat rooms
Asian free web cam chat rooms

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Tygojora 1 year ago
Scripture reference please?
Taujinn 1 year ago
I knew that particular analogy would get picked apart. xD
Mabei 11 months ago
His neighborhood?!? I guess he must live in Harlem with "his" people? lol
Gura 11 months ago
If you read the text, you'd know that the old laws still apply.
Femuro 11 months ago
Oh yeah, I forgot monotremes - the egg-laying mammals.
Mazukus 11 months ago
It's tacky to publicaly disclose and shows an appalling lack of respect toward a partner.
Bazuru 11 months ago
Really? I like it.
Kazrataxe 10 months ago
That?s nice. You?re still wrong
Feshura 10 months ago
Sorry, but that includes all texts. None may claim special provenance.
Goltilkree 10 months ago
Same thing, he is just more honest about his bigotry
Malashura 10 months ago
"The Federal government funds those schools." - and that's a problem, in my view. Nothing should be more antithetical to a free society than government control of schools.
Kazrakinos 10 months ago
Upvote on that last sentence.
Malale 10 months ago
It would be interesting to see someone legally challenge that. A prohibition from exercising your legal rights seems kind of illegal..
Kazradal 10 months ago
one of "those"????
Tojora 10 months ago
Did he say "I'm sorry if you feel that way" ?
Tezil 9 months ago
I give my wife most of the credit, I was a workaholic and not as hands on as I wish I would have been, but honestly they were good kids I never had much trouble out of them
Kadal 9 months ago
So at the end of the day you support discrimination and unequal treatment of humans based on the dangerous mind pollution of religion
Gashakar 9 months ago
Nothing you've said addresses the Fake News cover.
Arasho 9 months ago
I've never tried to get an ex back, so no personal experience with this sort of manipulation.
Garisar 9 months ago
"Jesus taught to his closest disciples that he himself was God's chosen Messiah who would rule God's Kingdom on Earth and each member of the 12 (Judas included) would serve as a Judge over one of the 12 tribes of Israel. "
Vum 9 months ago
For Trump? Yes, it is amazing that he even knew there WAS a War of 1812. Now ask him when it was fought.
Mesar 8 months ago
I guess to each their own on opinions.
Zulkigore 8 months ago
Rent Thor: Ragnarock, Thor: Dark World, Thor, Ghostbusters reboot, and place them and a vibrator on your coffee table so that he sees them when he comes home. Get an inflatable backyard pool and then place ads for poolboys, ages 18-24 that says "gym membership a must"
Zukora 8 months ago
hahaha Can't see gravity either, but I can drop an anvil on your foot and let you decide if gravity exists.
Neshura 8 months ago
You say it's wrong and incorrect when it is in total agreement with what you're saying.... Glad science doesn't work that way...lol
Mezizahn 8 months ago
Who was the Christian suicide bomber?
JoJojinn 8 months ago
being a former smoker i agree!!!
Arashisida 7 months ago
Explanation of exactly what? I was entirely lost in his flood of verbal diarrhoea.
Tojagar 7 months ago
CNN, Msnbc, nbc, abc etc have all tried to create a narrative that Trump is a racist so it's not surprising that there indoctrinated sheep who believe it to the point of. eing surprised by this pardon. That's all I was saying is tha you're an indoctrinatedtrinated sheep.
Arajar 7 months ago
Spitballing: Maybe because if you lean conservative you have a greater tendency to follow a strong leader. The right also tends to be better at coherent, simple messaging and doesn't have as broad a base. Not that there's total conformity on the right but there's specific issues everyone rallies on. I also don't think the left has something comparable to the alt right, which is where a lot of the trolls come from.
Sazshura 7 months ago
Hey 40, how's it going.........
Mautaur 7 months ago
The point is kind of neither of those restrictions applied.
Doubar 7 months ago
They don't care to being they agree with the ideology behind pimping the kids out.
Moogukasa 7 months ago
Sure I can
Asian free web cam chat rooms


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