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"It's a bit tired all this : Deuteronomy 22:28-29 A raped woman would be unlikely to marry and be destitute without her fathers support and on his death. The man has to marry the woman and is not allowed to divorce her. The woman does not have to marry and can divorce. This is to protect her interests in a world without welfare. In any other situation the man would be stoned"

We talked ad-neuseam about fantasies, experiences, desires, desires for one another. "I can just see the look on your face, too.

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Suhaag raat adult videos
Suhaag raat adult videos

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Akinolmaran 7 months ago
The guilt yes, and thats how bullying continues because #notmyangel
Naramar 7 months ago
You prefer for more government control. I don't. Its that simple.
Faekree 7 months ago
so then quote away!
Doule 6 months ago
Oh please, I was a christian for several decade (brainwashed by my mother who, until her last years, believed god would cure my sister of the cancer that was killing her if my mother only prayed for a miracle) until I started studying the BuyBull and realized it's nonsense and supports the scam called christianity.
Vorisar 6 months ago
I only know Spanish and Portuguese well. French is very basic french and only in the present tense. Lol I'm pretty sure when coming off of drugs it's likely a blend of all of them.
Kigazragore 6 months ago
From an outsiders point of veiw.
Meztirg 6 months ago
Check the Post Office, his picture might be on the wall.
Zololabar 6 months ago
Well in my opinion? After 40 years of studying these religions? Christianity has Islam beat by miles in the historical persecution and slaughter and genocides of others through their wars, Inquisitions, Crusades (there were 14 Crusades, only 4 of them dealt with Jerusalem, the rest were Crusades against Pagans and Jews as well as fellow Christians), their mass genocide of the Native Americans, their support and defense of slavery in the US and other countries, etc.
Moran 6 months ago
Me too... I just like to be sure of what I'm agreeing with (and more importantly, "to"!)
Tazilkree 6 months ago
There was nothing wrong with Wilkinson asking Sanders to leave. It's the fact that she stalked Sanders to another restaurant and continued to harass her after she politely left without argument that is the issue. That goes a good ways beyond "uncomfortable actions" and falls quite far short of "upholding morals".
Mikajora 5 months ago
And you're comparing this to Muslim ghettos in Europe? And ISIS? Al Qaeda? Hamas? Really???
Mooguzilkree 5 months ago
I was discussing what Gay Pride is about. It is a general societal and cultural phenomenon. That does include a political element, of course.
Akinogor 5 months ago
Well who in their right mind still goes there?????????
Dairr 5 months ago
No comparison at all. Weinstein used his power as leverage to have sex with women and Clinton did not force Monica into anything. She was a willing subject.
Mogal 5 months ago
The Therory of evolution by natural selection us a perfectly good explanation for what is observed. The conclusion of common descent is well supported by the evidence yet some people are not happy. Instead of accepting a simple easily understood explanation they insist it's more complicated than it is and the only way to explain it is magic/a god did it.
Dait 5 months ago
Like some Christians once thought that being left-handed was sinful or wrong and told them to just "cut that out"...
Godal 5 months ago
You did. But you are considered his base. And we know 20% is not enough to win a majority in Canada. The other 15%-20% is the protest vote that got him elected.
Dolabar 5 months ago
It's in the second verse of the bible.. you git an eff for this!!! :)
Mikakree 5 months ago
Maybe if I lived in space...
Visho 4 months ago
You were alluding to the heinous reference to Africans as being tribal. I merely backed up the fact that maybe their tribal association maybe was justified. You have added further evidence. (Thank you for that.)
Tauzahn 4 months ago
Now this is blasphemy ??????
Nagami 4 months ago
There was an old lady named wright
Kijin 4 months ago
Given the large number of circumcised pornstars the "damaged nerve endings" case seems overblown.
Gosida 4 months ago
The Bible is also "a plagerized, violent 1400 years old man-made book of bad ideas by today's standads." except it's older. Didn't you see the similarity between the example you presented of one of these "bad ideas" from the Quran and the one I posted from the Bible? Both books are from the same pile of bullshit.
Faucage 4 months ago
If I were to enter into a discussion with you, it wouldn't be with the intent to change your mind. However, I am conscious of others who may be questioning their faith (or lack of) and our discussion may influence them. Our arguments may serve to get them off the fence
Shakazuru 3 months ago
That's what I said!
Tojam 3 months ago
I mean, not anymore. There are plenty that would love to do just that, if they were still allowed to. The only difference between a murderous Muslim fundy and a murderous Christian fundy is that one is in power and the other isn't anymore.
Viktilar 3 months ago
You haven?t explained it. You?ve simply asserted it.
Mura 3 months ago
Again - Assumption. Mother. Fuck-ups. And I also recommend you pay attention to the words we've all agreed to use to communicate. The OP is about the symptom, the freshwater diluting the salt water thus causing the warmer oceans that fuel hurricanes, not the cause, which is the greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide/CO2 and other pollutants trapping the heat from the sun in the atmosphere.
Vizuru 3 months ago
I wonder how many meds they gave the queen before her grandson royal prince Harry marrying an American actress. : )
Suhaag raat adult videos


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