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"A pedophile dummy! Your stupidity is genuine, isn't it!"

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Mom shows son sex
Mom shows son sex

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Tasar 11 months ago
If a claim can not be proven or disproven it simply can be ignored.
Gardarn 11 months ago
1. Nature unbounded? It is whatever it maybe.
Akilmaran 11 months ago
" we have nothing to lose by electing a party that will acknowledge us rather than our wallets."
Tomuro 11 months ago
well, the comments in this post lead one to believe that might be so, and it's up to you and me to look it up. It's piqued my interest.
Kazrakasa 11 months ago
The federal and state government has forced everyone to buy a license for everything--this is their out to telling you how to run a business. Don't like it, deny you the license. In my town you even need a license to be a free lance anything in your own home. 16 year olds have to have a license now to babysit.
Sarr 10 months ago
"In your ignorance about what homosexuality is you are being bigoted and hateful. Your own words above convict you of such."
Samubar 10 months ago
You're a clueless fool.
Dozuru 10 months ago
"Actually it is perfectly accurate for the definition I intended."
Yozshulmaran 10 months ago
What prompted your false conclusion beyond hatred of Jews? Evidence.
Dougor 10 months ago
I'm specifically asking for evidence, not proof.
Yozshumi 10 months ago
How old are you? I get the impression you're about 13.
Kajidal 9 months ago
They are in 2018 and we are in 2042 lol
Milkis 9 months ago
The article just makes the same unfounded claim you did.
Talkree 9 months ago
"Im a Christian. I agree with traditional marriage. "
Kegor 9 months ago
They refused to offer a service to gay customers that is routinely offered to straight customers, for the sole reason that the customers were gay.
Meztirisar 8 months ago
It's really cute
Mom shows son sex


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