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Virgin mary marble statue

Virgin mary marble statue
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"A right wing gun nut one"

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Virgin mary marble statue
Virgin mary marble statue
Virgin mary marble statue
Virgin mary marble statue

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Gardarg 10 months ago
The fetus has rights, but once they are born they are on their own. If the woman is poor, tough luck, the baby shouldn't have been born poor. Or something like that.
Gozshura 10 months ago
With a tiger? That's both insane, and cruelty to an animal.
Nizragore 10 months ago
Nope. That's not why Sodom was destroyed. Read Ezekiel if you want to know *exactly* what God listed as the sins of Sodom -- and being gay or straight was not one of them.
Temuro 10 months ago
Since I didn't make that claim, I'm not required to prove it
Goltizilkree 9 months ago
Talk about our world of freaks.
Grotilar 9 months ago
I assume you are not one, or you would know how nonsensical that statement is.
Samugami 9 months ago
LA is to far may be to Frisco ?
Fenrikinos 9 months ago
Yes, yes, all your base are belong to us, you have no chance to survive, make your time... ha ha ha...
Nijinn 9 months ago
Drumpf knows the meaning of ?prepare?? I?m shocked.
Fenrishakar 9 months ago
Lol, do you know that term in baseball?
Shajas 9 months ago
That's your evidence?
Tehn 9 months ago
i had a student named "milo dick" and he had real issues withit..
Yobar 9 months ago
My parents created me. Simple fact. Still waiting on your evidence
JoJotilar 9 months ago
It has long been my contention that Mormons diefy man and humanize God. Is this a fair statement?
Dagrel 9 months ago
Nope! G with a j sound in this one. : ) Otherwise, you're right.
Dousida 8 months ago
Then select a more befitting word, but it does not remove the fact that one must make an unverifiable axiom to begin logic.
Dogore 8 months ago
I have an easier solution.
Faeran 8 months ago
Yep, Bill Cosby helped cover it up. Rapists stickin' together. Gotta love it.


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