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1 mouth 2 dicks

1 mouth 2 dicks
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"Just old and ...."

" he answered. Where have you been. "That was so hot" He whispered into my ear, sending a shiver down my spine. It rained.


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1 mouth 2 dicks

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Shakataur 8 months ago
I thought you said in an earlier comment, that God keeps us from doing wrong? Now which way is it?
Megrel 8 months ago
lol. Okay thanks.
Sagar 8 months ago
You didn't answer how you determine morality. Would you mind answering?
Dulmaran 7 months ago
I drink it warm, thanks.
Bragore 7 months ago
lol... I love to ponder counter arguments, but in this case, I'm not sure that me trying to convince the group that my ex wife moving away with our kids is a good thing will be all that fun.
Tozshura 7 months ago
take 3 days off, you were warned
Samut 7 months ago
Does not even come close to answering my last question...
Brale 7 months ago
That's another silly argument.
Sakree 6 months ago
No matter how many terrible things he does, you fools will find solace by fantasizing that Hillary would've been even worse. Maybe you should be holding the president to a higher standard than the boogeyman you've created for yourselves. We should expect better. Much, much better.
Gardashakar 6 months ago
Thanks, GR! And good morning!
Yorr 6 months ago
I do. But you have to find that for yourself, as we all do.
Vulabar 6 months ago
Well that's my specialty ;) I hate it lol
Kazrazshura 6 months ago
You probably missed one event: in 1999 the German airforce bombed Belgrade, third time within one century, in order to support their WWII allies, the Croats and the Bosnian Muslims, in the local civil war. The Nazis in the Baltic states and Ukraine which fought on Hitler's side are regularly marching with the same symbols.
Vura 5 months ago
Fox has taken it to a new level


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