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Academic as ethical harassment in issue life sexual

Academic as ethical harassment in issue life sexual
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"Good questions. I'd start with a detailed, itemized list of every provincial ministry, department, board, office, commission, crown corporation, and glee club. I'd see which ones are doing stuff that government has no business doing, or basically don't do anything except exist for the sake of existing, and shut them down. If 99+ % of the people wouldn't even notice it didn't exist, it shouldn't exist."

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Academic as ethical harassment in issue life sexual
Academic as ethical harassment in issue life sexual

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Ter 11 months ago
The comments I responded to was a meme .
Tojaran 11 months ago
Every one of your comments are weak.
Shaktisar 11 months ago
sorry I misunderstood you. I agree 100%. People would rather take a "pill" to make things go away instead of finding alternate ways of dealing. I know some issues are not easily solved, but we are facing an epidemic of reliance on pills for almost everything from minor to large problems.
Zulunos 11 months ago
Restrictions on Chad were lifted in April. Try to keep up.
Tygoll 11 months ago
Are you suggesting that they stop at the first safe country past their border? What obligation do they have to do that?
Fenrigis 11 months ago
People want a lot of things, problem is they want someone else to pay for it! Here's a great plan. Call 4 or 5 insurance companies, get the BEST policy for you and your family and pay the PREMIUMS out of YOUR pocket!
Mikagar 11 months ago
Lolol, I know! Those kids had rice and fish and Thai takeout and who knows what else, I'm not eating that spinach!
Samutaur 10 months ago
What about people born with XXY chromosomes. They look male, they seem male, but have greatly reduced testosterone and often female levels of estrogen. Unless your friend has actually been tested, you don't know if he/she was "born that way" or not.
Nat 10 months ago
I'd always liked to sit on the floor and wait for my Gramps to read the paper, then hand me each section as he finished. He would do that popping thing you do when you're trying to get it spread out correctly ?? It was mucho fun to watch him read and harumph at different things, lol . I never lost the habit, and it's fun in a small town because they report on the smallest of things. Squirrels running rampant through town, police beat documents a little old lady thief hahaha??
Nit 10 months ago
id say if you "push" a police officer.... lets take a wild guess what would happen to you.... go ahead.... lets hear you tell me "that's not what she meant"....
Taulrajas 10 months ago
I'm always open to changing my opinion based upon the discovery of new verifiable evidence.
Kerisar 9 months ago
The Enlightenment just hearkened back to ancient Greek culture. The Greeks had Democracy, a very similar education system and a very similar court system. And given the fact that Christianity has no original morality, it's clear that Judeo-Christian thought is not the bedrock of the Enlightenment or our current culture.
Dounos 9 months ago
Lol then he's got much bigger problems. Still, I doubt she'd tell him if that was the nature of the meeting.
Mugul 9 months ago
We are humans. If we want to be a dog we need parents and we must be born from those parents. Same with God. If we see the heart of God in wanting a Family we need a Mother and a Father and we need a Birth. But unfortunately we need a death too. So the Birth does what the creation could not do. Bringing forth True Children of God. Exactly God. Just being born as Babies, Growing up as Children and eventually as a Fully Grown become a Parent. A Wife to God and a Mother to His Children. These concepts are not foreign. The whole of the Creation by God displays this.
Academic as ethical harassment in issue life sexual


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