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"And the school classroom was the only place available?"

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Hot russian brides by relevance

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Vudolmaran 9 months ago
"?Logic doesn't allow me to believe in a god or gods anymore.?"
Shaktigul 9 months ago
It doesn't outlaw religion, Mary, but you know that.
Daikinos 9 months ago
Voters showed that they appreciate it when politicians make promises and keep them. President Trump is making good on his campaign pledges. Voters are happy with our nation's economic outlook and want it to continue. And they are tired of the two-year, $17 million phony Russia collusion investigation.
Zolonos 9 months ago
interesting play on words but free will isn?t a ?power.? It is a state of being more than anything else. ?Free will? doesn?t mean that you can do everything imaginable.
Kigakasa 8 months ago
a lot of fouls not called on love.
Shaktinris 8 months ago
It might help that I've read literally thousands of OU's posts on the Sun and CA. Anton does not lean left no where near OU.
Fenritilar 8 months ago
You don't handle wives. They handle you.
Kajinris 8 months ago
Muhammad may have believed that YHVH and allah are one and the same, but they are not at all.
Bazahn 8 months ago
You have yet to back your claim up. Please prove he is pro terrorist.
Mizahn 8 months ago
Thanks for that Rob Roy . I have no idea what the hell got into this Weasel person, but he seemed to have a hard on for me last night. You and I have tussled some, but I appreciate your comment. That was pretty decent of you to wade in.
Mirisar 7 months ago
I would be a snake so I could lick you up and downnnnnn, till you say stahp.
Daijinn 7 months ago
That your new home? Nice.
Zulkikazahn 7 months ago
If you support my position the bazinga comment should have been addressed to me.
Tojakora 7 months ago
Yep now it?s all bad shows
Zugal 6 months ago
Not in large enough numbers to sustain the population. Non-religious wealthy liberal countries are only growing through immigration these days.
Faektilar 6 months ago
"Even ants practice the 'trap of taking'."
Nelmaran 6 months ago
How does your comment relate to the topic?
Shar 6 months ago
I'll try not to notice XP
Kekora 6 months ago
We tend not to get hung up on it.
Virisar 5 months ago
No. Standing by it. Pontius Pilate is described as Christ's executioner. Mary's described as his mother.
Mezikus 5 months ago
If it is the opinion of this Jesus/God of yours, it is by definition subjective. Previous comment idiotic.
Voodoomi 5 months ago
You realize government mandated discrimination right?
Vom 5 months ago
been there, done that
Tubei 5 months ago
What is the purpose of hate speech?
Doshicage 5 months ago
"Why Compare the Most Fundamentalist Christian with the Liberals or Moderates of Other Religions and/or Atheism?"
Tejora 4 months ago
have you tasted refried beans made with lard,,vs. beans made with "low fat alternatives?" which is french for" tastless"
Golkis 4 months ago
Probably, but it may indicate and eventually demonstrate that phenomena interact and exist regardless of the intervention of any invented or hypothesized agent.
Kazikree 4 months ago
Aww.. he has a smiley face! :)
Tojalmaran 4 months ago
Just remember... "the bigger the tool... the bigger the fool"... Or "the one with the biggest stick is usually the biggest.... Ahhhh stereotypes... Gotta love them..
Hot russian brides by relevance


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