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Sex on a couch

Sex on a couch
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"I suspect that the measurement you write of is difficult to achieve without both."

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" As they stroll outside, hand in hand, Sean agrees, "Good idea. I stopped at the doorway with the memory and visions of Amy floating through my head and looked back at my step-daughter.

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Sex on a couch
Sex on a couch
Sex on a couch
Sex on a couch

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Mazut 1 year ago
It's against the law to murder a person. I agree with the law.
Talar 1 year ago
Wow. That was disappointing.
Kekazahn 1 year ago
Being born isn't sinful and being born with the traits that GOD gave you isn't sinful either.
Dam 1 year ago
Of course we're related, as we are to every other creation in the universe. Perfectly designed, crafted, and deployed. I'm sorry, but as a scientist and fellow human, I feel it's foolish and arrogant to become our own gods. I learned long ago that science is only meant to quantify and understand the natural world. It was never meant to nor can it study the world of the spirit. To deny that is truly foolish. I realize that not all are spiritually aware and many never will be. I was born with it. It's as natural as breathing. Until I was 40, I assumed everyone was. I know this post will bring on the usual guffaws, personal attacks, and uninformed opinions. Those of us who know will just nod silently as we always do.
Moogujar 11 months ago
Just making sure we understand each other ??
Kesar 11 months ago
Right? Like, this is on you, dude!
Kagajar 11 months ago
No if company finds out the ssn is fake they can terminate employment I've seen it done several times with companies I worked for.
Mauran 11 months ago
He declined because they were gay.
Mucage 11 months ago
I can see both sides of this. What's problematic to me is that we don't hear the perspective of the student in the video.
Zolodal 11 months ago
meeeeeeowssahhhh... That is a fine looking puss... feline... I know how Mo-town gets.. LOL
Samucage 11 months ago
About a third of Obama voters voted for Trump.
Grolmaran 11 months ago
No but that's what youd like it to be.
Dora 11 months ago
Since you mention 1 Corinthians ?let?s look at I Corinthians: First Corinthians was probably written around 55 CE. It was written mainly to deal with some practical problems that were besetting the Christian community in Corinth. There were problems of cases of sexual immorality (5:1-13), legal issues (6:1-11), issues relating to marriage and singlehood (7:1-40), acceptability of consuming meat offered to idols (8:1-13; 10:1-11:1), issues regarding prophecy and speaking in tongues (11:2-16) and how the rich were relating to the poor (11:18-22). Yet even here Paul was also facing problems with his mission. There are two passages in this epistle where Paul felt compelled to defend his apostleship. The first is:
Volkree 10 months ago
Sure, why not?


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