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Things to use for sex lube

Things to use for sex lube
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"The immigrants to California are largely Christians."

''You like this. I felt him come against me, and I felt pressure.

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Things to use for sex lube
Things to use for sex lube
Things to use for sex lube
Things to use for sex lube

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Kezuru 1 year ago
Having 95% of matter hiding from us seems a bit stupid too now that you mention it. But what makes you think that Enlil had anything to with all that?
JoJolar 1 year ago
That may be true but circumcision needs to be taken out of the inept hands of religion and put into our hospitals where they belong.
Mogis 11 months ago
Why would the Almighty NOT allow one to suffer according to their own will?
Meztilabar 11 months ago
wrong - the entire Bible shows that the Only Day sanctified and blessed and called His Day is the 7th. you are sadly mistaken.
Zolom 11 months ago
Any evidence for your claim?
Mikaran 11 months ago
All of his different hair colors.
Kazram 11 months ago
Okay... let me retract. I'm not comparing Vonnegut to Beetle Bailey and Marmaduke. He is better than that.
Samuzahn 11 months ago
Q1: In light of these remarkable claims, is it not reasonable/understandable that our blogger above would reject these religious notions because s/he sees them as "illogical and un-provable?" On the contrary, doesn?t our blogger ?deserve credit? for using our tool of logic in questioning their validity?
Mazushicage 11 months ago
the fact you are 'old' and are willing to keep learning... KUDOS!!
Vir 11 months ago
Thanks again, Steve. I hope you will follow me. I have enjoyed our conversation very much. ???????
Grozilkree 10 months ago
You cherry-picked a video from Hurtado talking about his writings on the early-stages of the veneration of Jesus. This doesn't have anything to do with Gnosticism, as his article here does:
Shakaran 10 months ago
I kept swearing, sighing (very loudly), and looking at her. The dumb biotch either didn't care or was so damn clueless that she didn't catch on.
Kazilkis 10 months ago
I think what he did was stupid, childish and borderline harassing. But police may not be the best idea. The time, and possibly having to see him in court to drag things out doesn't sound tempting.
Things to use for sex lube


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