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"And there are people who break them. There are still moon-shiners for example. But people aren't being murdered in the streets. It's not a billion dollar illegals enterprise. The criminal element surrounding booze has been extremely dis-insentivised."

This time I could cram myself into momm bus directly against the glass of the doors in the middle, but just so in the corner of these doors, so I wouldn't have to constantly step out and back in when passengers wanted to leave the bus.

" she explained licking it's head, sucking alittle to swallow it's cum. The next day i woke to my mom screaming and realizing that Breanna was still ontop of me and i said AWWW shit My mom Cried out "what is going on Here" And Then Bree Woke up And knew she was going to be ripped a new one (like she didn't have enough last night) And my mom yelled "explain" Part 2 Details: Breanna has pink hair not red Breanna is white in kinda tall ________________________________________________________ Where were we.

Natasha fucks dildo, his broken-down ass!

Natasha fucks dildo, his broken-down ass!

She closed her eyes and said "I love you too. She then said "But now it feel dex right" and moved my hand making me rub her, 'Shes so wet' i said in my head and instantly turned around Then it kicked in I started to finger her gaping wet hole, a soft moan left her body and she layed on top of me but i didnt stop at all and went faster until i could feel her completely then i went even faster while she moaned more and more until she screamed and then orgasm ed she screamed for awhile then started to breath very heavy and fell down on my chest, she reached for my cock that was bulging out of my shorts and she rubed it.

It did. She was 13 years older, had long blonde hair, pale skin, emerald srx eyes, a wide catching smile, and was over six feet tall. "You look gorgeous, a real slut just waiting to be fucked.

Rik listened to the story without interruption. Hey Jeff. Once he rung the doorbellNina was there to greet himthey french kissed in the doorway before proceeding on the way The Party At the club some people were drinking at the bar, but Rocky was not interested in themhe was interested in the party room.

The girl fainted, and Ary pulled hir cock out, watching the cum leak out. It was the first day and I sent Brent a text, "are we gonna have some fun today. "Oh. He seemed to cum forever and dump a gallon into my belly.

Take your shirt off", booy ordered. He was grunting into my mouth as he kissed me, and then moved his fingers down to my pussy to play with it, it felt so good; but however, I stopped the kiss and rolled us over so I was now on top of him.

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Akitaxe 1 year ago
Speaking of which... I had WordStar on my first PC... a CP/M beauty. It did exist. :)
Tesho 1 year ago
In case anyone was wondering Germans eat hamburgers and sandwiches with a knife and fork.
Mektilar 1 year ago
Well? Are you tired or just confused?
Zulull 1 year ago
now its time to buy all those old childrens books ive been buggin you about..NOW!
Faem 11 months ago
According to Justin Timberlake that's for Christmas, after you've been together "a long, long time."
Nataxe 11 months ago
Evolution fulfills a need. If there's no need there's no evolution. It's a matter of natural selection for advantageous characteristics but if the advantageous characteristics already exist there will be no change.
Gogar 11 months ago
Human made justice.
Nalkis 11 months ago
So the tax cuts weren?t meant to be passed down to the employees?
Faet 11 months ago
The polling stations were illegal, there's no question about that. They referendum was unconstitutional, Catalonia knew, and Mossos d'Esquadra were supposed to close the polling stations, they decided not to, the central government then sent out of state police to close the poling stations but they were only given the location of a few.
Nagal 11 months ago
well,as he plans to incapacitate himself with drugs and alcohol (great combo)..she won't have to insist. He'll find out what happened when he wakes up.
Dailar 11 months ago
Gross. No. Weird jump to conclusions.
Munris 10 months ago
Child, I offered such an argument when this OP was first posted. I only came back to read more. Peterson's ramblings about witches seemed a good hypothetical example of bad argumentation for anything unseen/unknowable, so I added that one.
Vudal 10 months ago
Women want and need a douche. Obama was a hemorrhoid, which no one wants or needs and feel such relief when it's gone.
Tojalmaran 10 months ago
You can compare race. You failed to explain how. Both race and sexuality are innate and unchosen. Both are protected classes in legal cases. Both have been subjects of deep bigotry.
Gardalabar 10 months ago
A spontaneous invention of language also suggests a god or at least some guiding force that would influence events otherwise language would never spontaneously invent itself.
Aranos 10 months ago
so, you can't back your claim?
Gosar 9 months ago
It seems this OP is blaming atheists for what theists do. Hmmmmm......
Kashicage 9 months ago
I'm against all public proposals. Mainly because I'm old bitter and have no soul. But also little, tiny reasons like not applying public pressure, detracting from any other occasion, knowing the difference between a proposal and public announcement, or that some milestones in a relationship should occur in private.
Akikora 9 months ago
it isn't, and even if it were, how would you prove that?
Zumuro 9 months ago
Depends if it's gnostic atheism or not. If someone truly believes there is no God, that's belief. If other beliefs related to atheism are involved like "all religion is poison" or "all belief in God is dangerous" or whatever, then those are influencing beliefs.
Nak 8 months ago
Have you ever read "Peter and the Wolf"?
Vudogal 8 months ago
If all creation requires a creator, then who created the Christian god?
Faell 8 months ago
That was his parents. Are they gods?
Kashakar 8 months ago
I would be sad if nothing surprised me. I'm sorry. :')
Zurr 8 months ago
American Atheist website does.
Zulrajas 8 months ago
The Bible says to fear God and that he is "love". In the original language, the Text perfectly reveals our origin and ends with a restored Kingdom. Just to name a few of the fulfilled prophecies you can include the 400 years of bondage, the fall of the 10 tribes, the captivity of Judah,and the 70 year reign of Babylon.These events were predicted by the prophets.
Maucage 7 months ago
Christians have been cast into the role of KKK members, or were you unaware of that?
Juzahn 7 months ago
Except she wasn't a victim. Many reports said that she pursued him.
Faetaxe 7 months ago
Sometimes people should have more on and sometimes less.
Taujinn 7 months ago
Maybe you should back your claim with a real quote that supports your claim, like I did, instead of trying to bullshit your way into a position of authority?
Kalmaran 7 months ago
Sean young needs to find better people to stalk
Groktilar 7 months ago
Different immune systems.
Grojin 7 months ago
"many cases..."All I can say (for the umteenth time) is that ANYBODY doing things such as picking on someone is using the title of Christian to hide behind, They were not Christians.
Balabar 7 months ago
Godel demonstrated that there are true statements in every logic system that cannot be shown to be true in that system. This has been genralized by logicians to a recognition that every logic system must operate off unproven and unprovable premises -- IE leaps of faith.
Kaziramar 6 months ago
That is a coincidence, because I could not be happier that you have revealed who YOU are. An ignorant troll who is banned from the channel. Buh-bye.


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