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"Because literature and stories did not include this concept in western civilization until late medieval times. There was lust, definitely, and seduction and rape, but "falling in love" as we now think of it doesn't appear in older texts. If you disagree, please point out a Roman or Greek myth or a story from the Bible that describes a mutual falling in love."

Aaaah im yours oooooh fuck. The ring has performed it's wonderful work.

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Curly redhead teen fucked by handsome guy

Just as I was dropping off I heard the gate go I looked out the window and saw Gez staggering up the path pissed as a fart and hardly able to walk. She kept shaking her ass in the air, as she reached for her thong box.

Ray removed his fingers and held his glistening fingers aloft for everyone to admire before sticking them in his mouth and tasting Alice's super sweet pussy juice. " I thrusted into her as she came down on me too. I said yes this and more knowing that my sister hadn't done more.

My mind had just settled on the notion that she must have been out of smaller bags in cosmetics as I was hustling by the electronics section.

As he pushed past it, felt like he split me in two, but he just stopped and waited for it to stop hurting. I barely got thru the door of my room before I had my shirt off, then my pants, my socks, underwear and bra. I hoped this wasn't some kind of joke. "Like that. That made him much sexier than the about-nothing rough necks she usually ended up with.

She moved closer to me, slowly. " He paused and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. all of them were excited and kept asking about the two birds.

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He has no desire for sex
He has no desire for sex

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Arashisida 7 months ago
Reinforcing a misconception usually requires doing just that. No surprise.
Kazikazahn 7 months ago
"We propose that most present-day animal species, including humans, arose in the past 100,000 to 200,000 years"
Mikazil 7 months ago
Lazy people who have yet to break in their taxpayer funded knees, is my best guess.
Voodooktilar 7 months ago
lol - looking for a fight again, eh? :)
Gardataur 7 months ago
Biden's PHOTO OP for his campaign was declined. He wasn't turned away or freaking kicked out as a customer. You simply want to refuse accepting the fact you said he was kicked out when in reality that isn't what happened. So instead of admitting you were wrong, you want to keep pretending there is a relevant comparison there.
Nikodal 7 months ago
There is an element of :folks trying to out do one another in insults.
Mezinos 6 months ago
There is the realm of 'mind', that does not obey the strict cause and effect laws of physical nature, that's basically my claim. Matter and mind operate by rules as different as chess and soccer, leading thinkers of all ages to see that mind is something entirely different from matter. If you want to read a careful and clever examination of this traditional human view, I'd recommend "Miracles", by C.S. Lewis.
Makora 6 months ago
There's no way Sanders went in front of cameras and left out the fireworks about then being stalked by the owner and then confronted and yelled at while at another dining place.
Todal 6 months ago
See? At least you?re being honest.
Sharg 6 months ago
We're only storytellers....
Mikalkis 6 months ago
When I am out tonight driving for Uber, I will be prepared!
Zur 6 months ago
I know that son.
Tygosho 5 months ago
But...the tooth fairy? Who put those quarters under my pillow? (Hey, a quarter could buy a lot more in the early 70's lol)
Gora 5 months ago
Read the article.
Gardazil 5 months ago
And I thought I could be a loon.
Kazijas 5 months ago
I never defend anybody who says stupid sht on social media... If it's not something you'd be willing to say publicly with your family by your side, it's probably not something you should say on Facebook, or twitter.
Samurisar 5 months ago
Ah, when they go low we go high.
Nishura 5 months ago
We can't know from empirical science what is morally right or wrong. That doesn't tell me that we should discard morality.
Nisho 5 months ago
And where was your comment about Lewandowski, Decent?


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