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Russian Government Services Vohr

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"True. It's telling that at least women who speak out in the public eye are taken seriously. For those of us who won't make the papers with our stories, I think things are about as backward as ever."

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#6 Mother

#6 Mother

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Russian Government Services Vohr
Russian Government Services Vohr

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Sagami 1 year ago
tex you have lupus too?!
Mimi 11 months ago
Well, at her age, couldn't they make her come back home if she's not emancipated?
Zulkirisar 11 months ago
you are a broken record spouting the same nonsense over and over again.
Kazrataur 11 months ago
"Grandmother"? AKA "drug dealer"
Viran 11 months ago
social democracy, and particularly the Nordic system is a balance of both socialism and capitalism, and uses the best of both worlds. Going too far in either direction will create problems.
Magis 11 months ago
The gold star belongs to him. A Pakistani Muslim immigrant buried in Arlington. That does not mean they are not a Gold Star family. So you, and Trump, called him a liar because you disagree with him. Okay.
Minris 10 months ago
If objective morality exists then we cannot know it. Such value would necessarily be intrinsic to an objective reality outside ourselves, and we seemingly have no way to observe intrinsic value outside ourselves. Which means that objective morality, if and however it should exist, is pretty moot as far as practical considerations go.
Tezragore 10 months ago
LOL, Typical brainless conservative response!
Tuzshura 10 months ago
Yes, he did. He pure up stated slaves should obey thier masters as they obeyed god
Mesho 10 months ago
JoJogar 10 months ago
Myself and about 100 million other people could have told them different. A Trump supporter with a big mouth is going to eventually say something like that, in private they say much worse things.
Yomi 10 months ago
Did you notice the lapses of grammar and reason in
Dounris 9 months ago
Without orginal sin, no need for Jesus
Mill 9 months ago
Lmao no.. I'm not trying to be randomly on the net :|
Shataur 9 months ago
She shouldn't have left, Chains!
Arashibar 9 months ago
Yep. We have a tiny corner grocery run by Muslims. They don't sell alcohol, condoms, etc. It's a bitch to drive farther but so be it. They will sell cigs, spice, and other things bad for your health. Eh That's their religion.
Sasida 9 months ago
What about affirmative action, which requires some employers to pass over more qualified and capable candidates for a job in favor of a less qualified less able employ for no other reason than because they are a minority race?
Jum 9 months ago
Voting does not work real well when the majority are fine with religious based laws. This is how minority folks get stripped of rights.
Jushura 8 months ago
Deleted by author
Yozshugore 8 months ago
I'm your a helpful neighbor will report you when they see you with your "lost guns". The great thing about Big Brother is that it's everywhere and everyone, brother turning in brother for a few gold coins.
Nikogar 8 months ago
Now that I've had some coffee here is what I would do (if you choose to do it that is on you).
Gokree 8 months ago
I understand. LOL
Vibei 8 months ago
I think that the parameters you are using to define "religion" are false. Especially the broad range of eastern religions, as I understand them, have a very different view than you've laid out in your three statements:
Gukus 7 months ago
Yeah, I am not gonna believe that when you have no clue what it is.
Fenrira 7 months ago
what does 'dick' mean? is it some sort of metaphysical force that engulfs a person?
Tygolkree 7 months ago
Do we understand each other?
Maulmaran 7 months ago
Yes, I would also like to suck and lick some tits. Assuming they were big enough to be fried, of course.


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