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"Women can be as corrupted as men, when it comes to religious dogmas and women seem to be able to produce more fear then men may when they put their mind to it."

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At this day, windows were open to get in a more oxygenic air than it was usual in our old school building. I returned home about three in the afternoon because I'd been waylaid after stopping in the pub where Alice worked to speak to Paul.

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Tygok 11 months ago
Hey did you see that other study I dug last night? I posted on this board I think?
Golrajas 10 months ago
So basically YOU are calling me a liar huh?
Kigakinos 10 months ago
Once they reach their teenage years, my "control" over their hairstyles was reduced to "don't do anything outlandish" and "I really enjoy you having long, beautiful hair - but I understand that you want to cut it because of gymnastics".-this is the way it should be because you are raising them to be able to make decisions
Kara 10 months ago
What about those of us who are against abortion, for ourselves, but think we have not right to impinge on others right to autonomy? For instance, I would not have an abortion for not only religious beliefs, but because I just couldn't. Now just because it isn't the right choice for me gives me no right to tell another woman that she has to give up the rights to her own body in order that someone else might live. If I had the opinion that the fetus had more rights than the mother then her rights would be less than a test tube. Not my right to say that to another.
Tauhn 10 months ago
I understand how you wouldn't know that people outside the compound have free speech and time to do what they want, but try to imagine it.
Kicage 10 months ago
We seem to agree more than not, with our primary disagreement being whether or not parsonage tax exemptions violate the Establishment Clause. I realize you don't agree with me, but I'm certainly not moving any goalposts. You final comment is odd, since it was you who claimed that in order to show that the Establishment Clause has been violated, I need to show that the state targets one group over another.
Jugrel 10 months ago
It has not been proven the Bible either has or can be disproven, because people cannot even agree what the Bible is in the first place.
Zolobei 10 months ago
Even as a christian I never understood how Jesus' death saved us.
Tukinos 10 months ago
Poor bruhwin, afraid of melanin. HAHA!
Sacage 9 months ago
What science curriculum would bring up any of those points? A teacher has a lot of power over a student and it's inappropriate to wield that power to belittle a student's culture/ethnicity/faith.
Tojakasa 9 months ago
Oh, I don't think it is dangerous thinking. I am just speculating that you might catch some crap from some scientheist for thinking about this out loud.
Mikazil 9 months ago
GM Chris. Really Windy here. Im doing a Butterflied Lamb Leg on the BBQ later
Goltijin 9 months ago
She says confront history and come to terms with it. So her terms are to erase history
Arashir 8 months ago
North Korea is the one in the top, right?
Yozshuhn 8 months ago
Martinis are easier to make...but they taste very different. A taste for gin is required, and not everyone shares that.
Samulabar 8 months ago
yeah, that irritates
Faejind 8 months ago
God would have no reason to do such things, yet, God allows mankind to accomplish those things when they are incorporated into the collective benevolent forces that surround us all. God provides the means to accomplish what one imagines, noting one imagine has not already been accomplished by someone, somewhere, physically or metaphysically.


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