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In mind euro teen

In mind euro teen
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"There is no evidence of, or reason for, such a thing as a being capable of wishing the universe into existence"

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In mind euro teen
In mind euro teen

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Negami 11 months ago
No, it definitely doesn't. That's a separate debate from whether it's correct or not, but universal common descent most definitely does not fulfill the requirements of being a science.
Gardagal 11 months ago
Evolution doesn't work. Its based on the past totally using the same things we all know...species change a bit. A BIT isn't fish to human.
Maut 11 months ago
Of course there's the other side. You're just refusing to look at it. Abortion supporters need to put themselves in the role of the unborn. If you appreciate your life, your family, and all the wonders and joys that existence has to offer, why would you want to deny that experience to someone on the threshold of their birth? If consciousness and sentience were to be temporarily removed from you for a few month, would you want someone to end your life simply because you pose a temporary inconvenience?
Akinonos 10 months ago
Please do think about that.
Kemuro 10 months ago
"I don't give a shit about how they feel. Maybe you haven't caught on to that. Im thinking about the solution to the problem. "
Taunos 10 months ago
"My real estate investments up west doubled in the last year"
Yozshum 10 months ago
Actually there a quite a few.
Migul 10 months ago
I was the one who was reluctant with my first husband. My parents had an ugly divorce and while I knew we would eventually get married, I wasn't in any rush. I think he would have asked sooner, but I'm sure I was casting a vibe. To me, we were a couple, and I was happy with that. Looking back on it, there's no reason we needed to wait for anything. No reason we couldn't have been married and gone to grad school or started establishing our careers. Maybe if things are comfortable, your friends need a bit of a push. Often it's the desire to have kids or buy a house or something major that really should be tied to being a married couple.
Akijinn 10 months ago
And let's not even talk about the chalkboard erasers that so many teacher could throw with amazing accuracy. It'd hit a student on the head and you'd get that "poof" of chalk dust...
Mooguzilkree 10 months ago
A true "free market" system has never existed anywhere.
Migore 10 months ago
Then why do you claim that Christianity has never been on the right side of a moral debate?
Voodoole 9 months ago
I belong to a progressive catholic church. the pastor has outright said that homosexuality isn't a sin and he's been critical of church leaders. whenever he reads a bible passage that tell us to do what you stated, he puts it into historical context and points out that human interaction is too complicated to take the specific verse literally.
Samukus 9 months ago
No trolling there.
Gusho 9 months ago
Well let me start by saying I would never Judge a person by what he/she believes. But I am 100% sure with the God I worship because I am a African who follows and Believe in The God my ancestors believed in before the Western Gospel arrived and Believe in my ancestors and its truly working for me .
Dashura 9 months ago
Great stuff,I will keep it bookmarked.
Kigazil 9 months ago
I wouldn't say it like that, since the Islamic instuctions was and still can be applied. It just missing the Islamic nations to apply for the victory to be regained. If u can't see a connection between how proper worshipping ALLAH can bring victory, well, that's something that been clarified by ALLAH
Zulurr 8 months ago
I must be a jerk. I never did this. I just said "I'd prefer to not talk to you" and hang up.
Kazirn 8 months ago
I rule out the supernatural for the exact same reason I rule out fairies and goblins. Nothing to support their existence at all.


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