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Make my penis grow bigger
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"Male circumcision outside of valid, personal consent and medical necessity (rarer these days due to hygeine and medicine) is just as abusive and undesired and undesireable as female circumcision. It's just so common and done before most people are even capable of remembering the differences and what they lost."

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Mofos - Two dirty teen robbers love cock

Mofos - Two dirty teen robbers love cock

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I'm a 20 year old male student, I live in a Maks still with my parents but go to the university in a small city, and like most students I travel by bus.

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Make my penis grow bigger
Make my penis grow bigger

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Vorisar 11 months ago
The Trump Party.... the GOP is dead.
Nikojas 11 months ago
It's the Trump strategy, let the citizens fight with each other as it distracts and distorts the truth to the extent people don't trust or believe anything except tweets and or propaganda.
Salrajas 11 months ago
got no problem with Maxwell House, as long as it ain't instant.
Meztirg 11 months ago
lmao, I have EVERY right to judge
Monos 10 months ago
THAT kept you up all night?
Gor 10 months ago
They would be a testifying of what God has done for them!!!! or that's what they should be a doing :) LOL!!!! Jesus is risen from the dead, and I know so without doubt about it... The Same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead, dwells in me and had quickened me own mortal body ....Christ dwelleth in me. :) LOL!!!
Yozshumi 10 months ago
making the poem the National Anthem is glorifying war and/or death.
Tajas 10 months ago
To my way of thinking, both religion and science are children of philosophy. To that end, I don't think perennialism carries any more metaphysical baggage than science does. While there is lots of evidence and theory to sift through, both acknowledge fundamental mystery. I think any ontological projection of what reality "is" is nothing more than metaphor. Preferrably, very useful metaphor, that maps to theory and experience as coherently as possible.
Tucage 10 months ago
I had that exact moment after I said good morning. I had to double check??
Dourisar 10 months ago
I find that less of a worry than the spectre of state media; people don't tend to put the effort in to pick through that... knowledge comes with a price, there's no two ways about it.
Kagakus 9 months ago
Apparently to a conservative means , maybe . To a liberal democrat, it means absolutely true, if history be our guide.
Faulmaran 9 months ago
I loved the alternative bands of the nineties.
Togal 9 months ago
No, there are the stars of which the sun wasn't created until the fourth day although light had been created on the second. Talked about a mixed-up creator.
Net 9 months ago
A simple illustration. What is your answer to my example? Can someone only consent to act and then claim they must consent to the consequences of the act before they are accountable?
Samukus 9 months ago
Sounds like you advocate for intrusive, authoritarian force. The more the more the merrier because it all goes hand in hand. That's fine as that's your choice. Be sure to exercise them while you're still allowed to as they're all part of your individual liberties.
Akinozilkree 8 months ago
So you can't show where I reference Fox News.
Kazikinos 8 months ago
You do in order to make the claim that you made. LOL! You don't even believe wood exists! Also being "convinced" is subjective. Except it isn't lies or fantasy -- that is merely your uneducated opinion.
Meztigore 8 months ago
Right Wing Watch, now that is an interesting website. It's very fascinating watching both the left and the right push this propaganda, and to see the masses fall for it. For you it's Right Wing Watch, for the Right, its Fox News... Both sides get their marching orders from extremist op-eds. It's a no wonder why this country (and many other) fail to progress; continuously mired in a polarized political landscape.
Nimuro 8 months ago
Great god what american people had done with themselves to punish no one but themselves..
Fekree 8 months ago
I'm not the one who is imagining magic, mate. You're the one who believes in a magical god who uses wizardry.
Daikora 7 months ago
We didn't realize there were two versions of the Koran. It is clear that the Islamist terrorists use the original unabridged one but we are not aware there was a milder modified version. If standard Muslims have problems with the radical version, why do we RARELY hear of them doing or saying anything about it? Could it be that the Koran both versions of Muslims obey states that if they dare do or say anything they must be eliminated? Something to do with apostates. Individuals like Tarek Fatah are incredibly brave.
Fetilar 7 months ago
Your argument ignores costs, assuming there is no additional expense from the additional activity of providing services.
Mazulabar 7 months ago
Civil unions in addition to marriage would not have satisfied Uncle Sam, if the Constitution is applied properly. It is commonly held that establishing "civil unions," even with identical benefits and responsibilities to marriage, would constitute a "separate but equal" condition. The SCOTUS already affirmed that the "separate but equal" treatment that was once afforded to blacks was unconstitutional.
Kigarg 7 months ago
Great, so a precedent of discrimination. Yeah, that's make this a better place to live...
Arashile 7 months ago
You continue to assume that everyone who disagrees with MISTER Trump or Ms Sanders is a democrat or otherwise from the left.
Zolojin 6 months ago
I feel sorry for nir.
Douramar 6 months ago
You can still have mushy moments after being together a long time. In my experience it's just not 24/7 anymore.
Dougar 6 months ago
Mate, I could care less what the Bible states. You indicated you think
Gardakus 6 months ago
So you can't answer it = it is meaningless? You've made your point; if a question is beyond your understanding, you give it no thought. Sounds pretty boring if you ask me.
Voodoorn 6 months ago
He'll binge-watch MASH with a bag of cheeseburgers. He's got this.
Akisar 6 months ago
The sun shines, not sheds light. The sun does not shed light. Light is not shedded from the sun. The fact that the Sun is not capable of lighting up the entire earth, the light of the sun is limited, imperfect and does not chase the darkness away. Therefore the darkness wich covers the earth is greater than the light of the sun.
Faeshura 6 months ago
I don't support child abuse...ever.
Make my penis grow bigger


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