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Numbness And Tingling Around Mouth

Numbness And Tingling Around Mouth
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"I wouldn't apologize just because some butthurt woman didn't get the 90's "Are You Being Served?" reference."

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Numbness And Tingling Around Mouth
Numbness And Tingling Around Mouth

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Gardakasa 10 months ago
Just because it exists in the meme doesn't make it true. There are no actual, ancient texts with any of those details in them. Next time, you might want to check with actual, ancient sources before believing everything you see in a meme.
Shaktimuro 10 months ago
Whole ideology is based on Jesus being God and human. Not a perfect person.
Zulkik 10 months ago
Uuummm. You know that because some people are so frick'n stupid they didn't get the correct restaurant other restaurants suffered. So because stupid people do stupid things this business owner shouldn't make her own statement? Really? She should do something she believes is wrong because of stupid people?
Dami 10 months ago
I thought burning flags in parliament was a bit uncivilized. Or would that be considered racist?
Arataxe 9 months ago
If a parent doesnt want their child participating in an LGBT class that will teach LGBT topics, I dont understand why you would have a problem with that and then turn it into "they are opting out treating students with dignity and respect". Like I said, if were going to make it a "dignity and respect" assembly or a "anti bullying" assembly the main theme should not be LGBT (with pronoun usage, sexual attraction and gender dysphoria commentry)...make it so that every kid of every color, sex, sexual orientation, religion and background can relate. If thats what this is really about "acceptance" it should be broad "kids, we should accept ALL people regardless of their choices, religious, sex etc"
Kazitaur 9 months ago
Happy Day!!!! May your mortgage ever be manageable!
Tet 9 months ago
Yeah... but Simon Shama's excellent book "History of the Jews" put that in the context of "horrific things that were happening to the Jews elsewhere in Europe at the same time."
Kazibar 9 months ago
A million upvotes if I could, Kartoum.
Akilkis 9 months ago
Here is where a problem lies. What are your definitions? What is city and what is rural? From the way you speak it seems like you define city as big city like New York or LA. The U.S. Census bureau defines a city as an incorporated area. So what I would call a small town, the Census Bureau calls an urban area. So by the census bureau's definition 62.7% of people live in cities. Strangely by the way the census bureau defines cities there is a higher percentage of people living in cities in the Midwest and West than in the rest of the country.
Kimi 8 months ago
green would make a curious case study, then!
Nerg 8 months ago
Lmao omg is he still whining. Dude needs to go get a friend sheesh.
Tauktilar 8 months ago
Webster's is not a scientific dictionary. Kind isn't scientific.


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