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From: Mimi
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"None of them physically attacked ANYONE at Trump's rallies but they were attacked by Trump's base of redneck, bigots."

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Curly ebony daiquiri divine get a dick

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Bale 10 months ago
Will you say anything to try and get my attention? Because that?s some vapid bullshit you?re spoutin? there.
Zuramar 9 months ago
Again with the police thing eh?
Meshura 9 months ago
my main point in the original post was to suggest the clown duck's lack of propriety by threatening observers in the visitors gallery. It isn't my fault those who reply seem to think RoFo is a more interesting post.
Akinorisar 9 months ago
That's not really my picture,just fyi.
Malakazahn 9 months ago
Conflation of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" theory to "my enemies must be friends"?
Jugis 9 months ago
Forget all the terminology.
Mazujas 9 months ago
Good to hear, thanks!
Zulugor 9 months ago
He declined to offer a public service that he freely offers to the public, but not to gay people.
Kagami 9 months ago
"If any man hear my words and believe not, I judge him not,
Guran 8 months ago
In many parts of the world there is evidence of floods, sure. Not of the Noah flood.
Dourr 8 months ago
Remember the faked Easter egg roll video
Fauramar 8 months ago
Humans are as moral or amoral as lions.
Nelkree 8 months ago
Unfortunately at the same time men put their desire ahead of what is most likely taught, hence the conflicts.
Shakara 8 months ago
Things don't end well for that guy, do they,
Fenritilar 8 months ago
Christians are hypocrites. Your history is full of you slaughtering pregnant women in your wars, your Crusades, your Inquisitions. But hey, I guess when Christians were slaughtering say my Native American ancestors here in the States? It was perfectly acceptable for Christians to cut open the bellies of pregnant Native American women and hack out the fetuses.
Shakaktilar 7 months ago
Can you mark a ballot, because I mark several for many friends!! HAHAH!
Mazragore 7 months ago
...and yet you cannot answer a simple question. Is there a level below simple?
Tekus 7 months ago
Because you're not actually making a good case for it being abuse.
Vole 7 months ago
After 9/11 Canada and the US entered (with other countries) into a "Safe 3rd country" agreement, which prohibited refugees from country shopping. We have no obligation to accept refugees from a country we deem them to be safe in at an official point of entry.
Faebar 7 months ago
darn fat fingers.... Peasants hate her.
Dazragore 7 months ago
"So then, why is this level of criticism and debate NOT applied to the LGBTQ community who is clearly engaging in indoctrination?"
Taujind 7 months ago
For whatever it's worth. Jehovah's Witnesses don't patronize the "cross" to start with.
Najar 6 months ago
"No one gave him a chance to win the election"
Dukazahn 6 months ago
What do you mean by evenly?
Akijora 6 months ago
12 year old girls are being married off in the US?
Curly ebony daiquiri divine get a dick


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