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"And here lies the conundrum. Had they not come, what would America be like today? Safe to say that over 90% would never have been born. And most Africans didnt know anything about the outside world. How could they have made the choice?"

Next day my dad took my brothers to work with him and mum wanted to visit a friend and asked Andrew if he could drive her.

even if I doubt if we ever will completely get this through", If answered, but with a blink of her eye signaling me she had understood the hidden message I had sent.

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Free download of nude men
Free download of nude men

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Melmaran 10 months ago
It's agism, I've met many smart young people and plenty of old fools. Stupid knows no bounds.
Shakree 10 months ago
What I don?t like about your comment is that it dismisses the possibility that the newer religion has had ample time for reform. It has had ample time.
Voodoozil 10 months ago
So, there is no Nakhla nor any raid in the Quran? When you'll stop lying Pan?
Kajinos 10 months ago
Your disagreeing with me? I'm shocked and mortified....... pause for laughter......
Aralkis 10 months ago
I don't doubt. I just don't believe. And given believing isn't a willful choice, that's not a placebo available to me.
Faezil 10 months ago
Parasite is a definition that perfectly fits certain immigrants who are exploiting Canadian freedom of expression to spread hatred, and instigate divisiveness among Canadians.
Garn 10 months ago
I don't think its necessarily bad. To have two people in charge requires time. I've been in meetings where everyone had a voice and they took all day. I've been in them where the lead says "here's the plan, any objections?" and it goes faster. I think some things are better when its everyone having equal say--a creative project, for example. I think some things are better when someone is in charge.
Moogugore 9 months ago
bible junk no thanks
Salkree 9 months ago
Pain pills and general anaesthesia do...not much for me. Red heads are resistant to pain meds.
Sadal 9 months ago
Who says it did? You've heard of the big bang, right?
Sazahn 9 months ago
LMAO....."Her first red dawn." ..that was really good. Well done.
Akilar 9 months ago
I mean the historical Jesus.
Taugal 8 months ago
i would but drinking and smoking pot might be bad for me
Kisar 8 months ago
Genetics is proving it...
Fenrilar 8 months ago
WEDDING cakes are not standard fare like, say, fish and loaves, Wedding cakes are individually commissioned, like any piece of art. Or is the Sistine Chapel's ceiling 'standard fare'?
Kagashicage 8 months ago
The Parable is speaking of the sent ones, being sent out to do the work of dispensing the Messages from GOD to the children of the kingdom. The Kingdom of heaven is the Children of the kingdom. The fact that they are each paid the same wage is pointing to the salvation package they are offered for the work that they have done. The Sent ones job is to reap the children of the kingdom. They are supposed to dispense the accurate WORD from GOD that will transfigure the children of the kingdom alive in life and return them home to heaven without tasting death at all. The earlier workers (Sent ones) work in the time when a sent one could be martyred or killed. They dealt with extreme levels of persecution, occultic attacks and so forth, not to mention, they also did not dispense the messages from GOD accurately. That is why it is the Last, the 3rd Elijah, the Son of Man that will complete the work and return the children of the kingdom to Eden alive by dispensing the accurate WORD from GOD that will transfigure them alive. And He has come in a time where "touch not my anointed and do my Prophets no harm" is in effect. The Last will be the first and the first the last is a reference to Deuteronomy 28 stating that if they do what is expected from them, they will be the head and not the tail. This is revealing that the Last is those that got the job done, that returned to Eden alive without tasting death at all.
Zugore 8 months ago
That or instant regret lol
Maushura 7 months ago
straw man. that's not what I said. however, there are some current deals we have with the EU that disproportionately benefits the EU, therefore is unfair to America (and Americans).
Moogut 7 months ago
Now that is funny!!
Branris 7 months ago
Holy Woke, Batman.
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