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"If PCs win a minority Horvath & Wynne will copy BC and form a coalition government. That should go well for Ontario."

" "You are female in human and horse form. She of course understood and pushed what was possible.

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When I fully woke up, I told my grandpa what happened.

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Old man having sex videos
Old man having sex videos

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Tojalar 11 months ago
The great flood which you can't prove happened.
Moogut 11 months ago
Illegals are the #1 enemy of wage growth. These employers need to be thrown in jail.
Arashigami 11 months ago
And no snack size bullshit! Original size!
Zulubar 11 months ago
No music thread this weekend? ??
Kajigal 10 months ago
I was a christian for 35 years. Even as a christian I always wondered, really? the only way to help us is by drowning babies?
Samurg 10 months ago
"Most Christians were brought up to believe that God created Adam on the first day" Where did you get that idea. If anything Adam and Eve as man and woman would have been created on day 6. See chapter one of Genesis. However, the first chapter really talks about the original creation and the creation of all the men and women that were created on Earth. Adam and Eve were created in the Garden which was not on Earth. They were created after in chapter two. I look at Adam and Eve as the precursor to the Jewish people as the old testament is all about the adventures that lead to them coming into the Promised Land.
Tokree 10 months ago
Is it just me or does Doug Ford not look very bright
Shaktirg 10 months ago
From what I have read they can but at lower rates than dogs.
Kajisida 10 months ago
You missed the news. We elected Ford, not Horwath.
Shakaramar 9 months ago
Wrong! CNN has been caught faking the news!
Faegul 9 months ago
Thankfully the courts disagree with people like you.
Faera 9 months ago
Hmph! One less bottle of booze.
Kajibei 9 months ago
Yes. And it will continue until the DOJ stops their double standard
Tojadal 9 months ago
I'm sorry, francisco.
Zulkikora 9 months ago
I just re-read your post and saw the "fix their marriage" part. My youngest was conceived the same weekend my ex and I decided to divorce. I'm certain there was a "save their marriage" snark out there, but none brave enough to say it near either of us.
Malarr 9 months ago
Nowhere in my response did I say I didn't like it, so I would appreciate it if you were at least honest in your rebuttal. I enjoy these discussions as much as the next person, and part of the reason I do is pointing out the flaws in an atheistic worldview. Don't like it? Follow your own advice.
JoJosida 8 months ago
None of those things proves anything more than you clowns are gullible.


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