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The urine test strip

The urine test strip
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From: Nir
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The urine test strip
The urine test strip

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Tulmaran 6 months ago
It set a precedent, and I sincerely hope more courageous people like this man of sincere faith win more and more cases.
JoJorisar 6 months ago
I said nothing about knowing what God intended. Where did you get that?
Kajijas 6 months ago
You are lying. You have not "discovered" this, you believe it. If you actually knew it was true, you'd be able to demonstrate it, but you cannot.
Meztitaur 6 months ago
I read a story or two about bakers who refused to bake cakes for anti-LGBTQ customers (the customers wants slurs or whatever on the cake). Also one baker who refused to bake one with the name Hitler on it.
Julrajas 6 months ago
Science adds new levels of understanding and depth of knowledge to existing knowledge Expansion of knowledge is change in the same way the growth of a rose bush is change but not at all the way your misleading post tries to imply. The rose bush is still the rose bush just larger
Gaktilar 5 months ago
Well, now we've gone from "I can't remember a single court decision that didn't limit religion" to "some do". :)
Kir 5 months ago
On certain issues, yes, it's a necessary part of life. Other things are non-negotiable.
Meztimi 5 months ago
Who said they werent?
Fenrinos 5 months ago
Sure, but what is done (2000 years ago) it is done, nothing to do. If JC invented new god and NT only version, it would be very acceptable. But what to do when book is different, improved, ... but monster behind is the very same. You can't have NT without OT. Period.
Mukora 4 months ago
I don?t know. I suspect he was practicing his own brand of religion that mostly consisted of self worship. His definition of religion was loose by any standards.The community and the state for that matter were happy to see him go.
Kejas 4 months ago
lol "they don't like personally"
Samuzshura 4 months ago
That's not oppression...
Tahn 4 months ago
Gee, another nothing burger, Republicans should start a franchise:
Akinogul 4 months ago
How so? Sounds like it was an irresponsible gun owner to me.
Moogujora 4 months ago
Please, if you have a bible or if you can look it up on google than read the letter to the Hebrews chapter 11. ( Hebr. 11.)This is about men of faith and about true prophets, how they were... and what they went through... and how they were/are rejected and despised... and persecuted and tortured by people of the world... and often were/are very poor and often lived in terrible circumstances, where they had to suffer.. but they had a Spiritual wealth and glorious hope for eternal glory with God and Jesus in the heavenly Jerusalem, the holy City of GOD. True believers are overcomers, who live a victorious life over all powers of darkness in the power of the faith, in the Almighty GOD YHWH and His Son Yahshua ha Mashiach/ Jesus the Christ, given by God to them, so that they are stronger than all trials or temptations or evil of satan and evil mankind. They are the True Heroes during all ages. They love God and His Son and their eternal facts and truth and righteousness more than their own short earthly life... and than the lies and illusions of the world. For they know GOD and Jesus and the real truths of the eternal facts of the invisible worlds and the visible worlds. They respect, fear and love and honor God and His Son and their words and promises and revelations and prophecies more than the lies of deceived people, who think to know much, but are totally blinded by the lies and betrayal and deceptions by Satan and Lucifer and the other fallen angels/demons, who always lead people to all kind of entertainment, worldly knowledge, sexsual pleasures etc. to destroy their lives and to prepare their souls for eternal suffering.
Met 4 months ago
Care to explain how this god of yours uses language to speak language into existence?
Neran 3 months ago
Exactly...a good predictor of the future is past behavior.
Voodooran 3 months ago
And that "same wisdom" has come up with some pretty rotten conclusions.
Goltisar 3 months ago
We don?t need a crutch. You must admit, we who are strong believers
Vimi 3 months ago
I wish I could get my hands on your titles. After all, I am always looking for good names for threads.
Dunos 3 months ago
You do know that when the Democrats where in charge with Obama as POTUS....YOUR TAXES WENT DOWN.
Duzuru 2 months ago
It's the current occupants who brought this back to the fore in their attempt to divert the spotlight and to exculpate his offenses.
Arashinris 2 months ago
I agree. They should at least get to go with their parents.
Volabar 2 months ago
Oh, he does not exist and that is what I also started learning that night. It took me about another 10 years to finally accept the fact, that the sky daddy exists as much as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy does, but I finally came to the realization that hey, not one single god existed, and even if this gawd did? Then it was no god I wanted to bow down to and worship as I truly read the buybull all the way through and had been studying Christianity while attending Bangor Theological Seminary to obtain my masters degree in this bullshit. Sure in a sense, it was a waste of money going there, but in the end? It gave me the tools that proved to me how fake Christianity was and how full of crap Christians were when they kept telling me how peaceful and loving their religion is.
Shalkis 2 months ago
You fell head first into that trap. There IS a sportscar orbiting the sun out between us and mars right now. Space X launched it. Very implausible... but very true.
Nizahn 2 months ago
1. Unfortunate human attributes include persecution, sadism, murder. These are known by their actions/results
Maujin 2 months ago
I immediately block...I feel like after awhile they know. When they always get voicemail and their texts go unanswered. Before I used to this I had this one guy send me like 20 emails in one day. I find behavior like this to be scary
Tuzil 2 months ago
So when Jesus says "mercy, faith and justice are the spirit of God's law" you don't take that to mean maybe the point of God's law isn't the punishment for every odd deed?
Goshicage 2 months ago
Funny since Ford has never been in power. I think your analogy better fits progs, actually.
Takora 1 month ago
Again, they ruled the original decision was flawed. What part of this are you having a hard time grasping? It was the flawed decision that led to the ongoing legal battle that has cost him a lot of money. As such, he should be legally entitled to recoup that money, along with compensation for the losses due to the flawed decision.
Yolabar 1 month ago
That is rough!!!
Febei 1 month ago
Ideologically, I agree. However, I wrote explicitly that I am referring to actions. How did you come to conclude neither?
Vudoshicage 1 month ago
Gays who regard themselves as women...I think you have an interesting typo there.
The urine test strip


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